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PC Probe II gives a 256c cpu temp error every few minutes???

Last response: in Overclocking
October 29, 2006 7:22:24 AM

First off I'm pretty new to overclocking, so I followed the exact settings another user had posted for his 6600 cpu on an asus p5w dh to overclock 2.4g to 3.3g stock voltage

CPU : E6600
OS : WinXp Pro SP2
OVERCLOCK (MHz) = 3306Mhz
JumperFree Configuration
AI Overclocking set to: MANUAL
CPU Frequency : 367MhZ
DRAMM Frequency :735Mhz
Performance Mode :Auto
PCI Express Frequency : 100Mhz
PCI Clock Sync Mode : 33.33Mhz
Memory Voltage : 2.1v
CPU Vcore Voltage : Auto
FSB Termination V : Auto
MCH Chipset V : Auto
ICH Chipset V : Auto
CPU Configuration
Microcode Update : Enabled
Max CPUID Value Limit : Disabled
Execute Disable Function : Disabled
CPU Internal Thermal Control : Disabled
Virtualization Technology : Enabled
Intel SpeedStep Technology : Disabled
Advanced Chipset Settings (DDR2)
Configure DRAM Timing By SPD : MANUAL
DRAM CAS Latency : 4
DRAM RAS Precharge : 4
DRAM RAS To CAS Delay : 4
DRAM RAS Activate to Precharge Delay : 12
DRAM Write Recovery Time : 4
Hyper Path 3 : Disabled
DRAM Throttling : Disabled

I ran prime95 which ran good until it failed at 47min with a rounding .496 error, expecting less than .4, i don't know what caused this.

Asus probe II and Speedfan shows 29c idle, and cpu core which I believe is the true temp to go by is 39c idle.
My load temp via core temp was 48-50c, and it never went above that during the 47 minute test.
I'm currently running super PI successfully at 45c load

So my questions are..
for some reason every few minutes the asus pc probe II alarms for cpu temp and it jumps from 29c idle to 256c?? Is this just a program glitch? It goes back to 29c immediately after the alarm.

What's a good, safe load temp? My system is stable and I know I can probably push it more, but at 50c load should I not go anymore, or maybe oc until 52-55c? I don't know what the Intel temp ratings for the C2D

Thanks for any help, my system is
TwinX DDR2-6400C4 2x1024MB 4,4,4,12
ATI 1950xtx
Thermaltake 750w PS
Thermaltake Symphony mini water cooling
October 29, 2006 9:40:04 AM

prime95 error => try increase your voltage just a little bit... You get the error since there is a slight problem that will be solved with a little higher voltage...

Anyway, nice overclock with stock voltage :)