HELP: Need driver for a webcam

The model is: Chicony i-Cam 540 (DC-4130).

The Chicony website doesn't offer driver for that specific model.

Can anyone help?

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  1. All I understood from that link is that this site, IOExperts, doesn't offer support for that webcam... So it doesn't really help me, but thanks anyway.

    Anyone else?
  2. I've read that, but I didn't understand what I'm supposed to do with that info... which driver should I try?
  3. Suddenly I've realized that this site offers drivers for Max... and I've got WIN XP... it isn't comaptible, right?
  4. It's not that old, but I don't have the driver CD unfortunately.

    Bummer you didn't succeed to help, but thanks for your efforts!
  5. Yes I did and it worked very bad...
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