is 7600 GT AGP right for Athlon XP 2200+ system?

i know how surreal this may seem to all you pci people but here i am stuck with agp.

As you can see, my current specs are:

Athlon XP 2200+
MSI K7N2 Delta-L MCP2
Samsung SyncMaster 930BF TFT LCD Monitor 4ms
MSI NVidia GeForce FX 5200 128 bit
1.5GB PC3200 DDR 400
Realtek ALC650 6-channel audio
Maxtor 120GB

I would have upgraded my CPU but i was tad bit late, the next thing u know, Socket A (462) is no longer "in". So i'm stuck with the AGP motherboard.

So i've been eyeing the only AGP 7600GT that's out now from Leadtek
and it looks really sweet! It's even faster than the 7800GS (AGP)!!!

So i'm ready to fork out $200 bucks here but is it worth it?

i've read the ridiculousness of coupling a fast GPU with a slow CPU, but
how bad could it be?

Should i buy the 7600GT or should i forget and save up for a brand new PCI-E system?

I badly want to play half-life 2 with optimal settings minus filtering at 1024*768 (i'll be cool with the black borders on my 19in) and the vga chart here did say 7600GT puts out a cool 94 FPS. But we are talking bout FX-60 system here, not my lame 2200+.

I'm just hoping for the holy grail of 60 FPS at all time during gameplay.

Is this possible or am i screwing myself over here?

Please advise...
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  1. well my p4 northwood 2.0ghz plays half-life 2 with an x1600 pro perfectly fine at high settings, so you should be fine with a 7600gt
  2. I played HL2 and CSS with 40+ fps @ 1280*1024 minus filters with:
    axp 2400+ oc (2.1-2.2G)
    9600 pro...

    it would run fine with filters even with a 7600GS.
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