Second Take videos need to be more compressed to download faster

Hi, I'm probably doing this in the wrong section - sorry- I love the second take videos but they take too long to download and play. It plays for 5 seconds then loads for 10 seconds then plays for 5 seconds etc. Sure I don't have the fastest connection but its not the slowest either. I have no problem with You tube. You guys are not compressing the video enough. You're probably worried about quality, but you've basically got a still picture with mouths moving you can easily get away with 200kbps. Even game footage would be fine at this data rate.
Any increase in streaming speed would be much appreciated!
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  1. You're probably right in one respect...If all they're doing is sitting there, then the compression probably could be upped a bit. However, you and I both know what this really is about..AN EXCUSE TO UPGRADE YOUR BANDWIDTH...
  2. I completely disagree. Except for the fact that videos are too small (I run 1600x1050, ST vids are tiny!), they play fine. You have a problem because you suck the net through a straw instead of a fire hose. Instead of asking them to dumb the videos down for everyone to suit you, you should request they put the video up in connection tiers so those of us willing to fork over the green for good internet don't have to suffer low quality, small sized vids.

    You tube is a very different situation. They serve an incredibly larger user base with an incomparable number of videos being posted. Most consisting of low-end webcam source that can't support higher resolution video anyway. You tube is the way it is out of practicality. Second take has no such demands on content delivery, no such restrictions on source quality, and no excuse why it isn't better than it is, other than the lack of investment on the part of the producers. :ange:
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