Help, no power after booting up!?!?!?!?!

I need some urgent advice now cause right now im just finished putting up my home-build comp but for some reason it doesn't boot. When i pressed power button, nothing happened!!! but if i pressed the reset button, the cpu heatsink fan started to spin!? I don't know what did i miss when i assembled them. I checked the 24 pins power cable, it fitted in but it just didn't come all the way donw or latched in, the gap is about 1-2mm so can this be the culprit?

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Sounds like your front panel connections aren't plugged in properly.
  2. That was my very first immediate reaction so i checked it twice! And after reading your reply, i re-checked it again but only the cpu heatsink was on and spinning but the rest is nothing.

    I'm hitting the wall hard, i still can't figure out what went wrong!?
  3. oh my lord, lol. I didn't know i have to plug in the auxillary power supply cable (4 pins) into the motherboard. Well, the fact is i missed it, after 2 hours head down reading manual and looking at thing, you just can't think straight ( or look). The other connections were ok. Phew, scare the shite out of me, lol. Hope this can help some newbie too :D. Sorry for bothering you 4ryan6.
  4. ok fine, but the main (20+4) connection must lock into place.......
    take it off and check for bent pins or some other reason it wont seat correctly.
  5. Double check the connections again, unplug them and replug them back in, do the same thing with the memory modules and the video card, then following your manuals instructions clear the CMOS using the jumper on the M/B, and try again.

    When it boots if it does you'll get a CMOS Checksum Error, and a command like press F1 or delete to enter setup, set the date and time, apply optimized defaults, save and exit CMOS setup, and it should reboot.
  6. Cool!

    Glad you got it ! :wink:
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