where NOT to buy computer parts!!!

here: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/index.php

absolutely rubbish! poor service and customer care:


Your order has been cancelled is this correct. Sometimes People all product at the same time and this sort of problem occurs.


Phil Meredith
General Manager

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I am very dissappointed with the service I received. When I ordered this part the website clearly stated there were 2 in stock of which I ordered 1. After I ordered I checked the webpage again as I always do to confirm that there was now 1 in stock and that my order was successful. The money came out of my account and I waited for the product to arrive. After waiting past the delivery date, taking time off work to be around when it was delivered, I called up to see what was happening and was informed that, despite the fact I had paid, the unit had been sent to someone else who had paid "just before" me. Obviously no one paid just before me since it said that there was one in stock after I completed this order. Why did I have to call you to find out this product was suddenly unavailable? If I didnt call would you still have my money? shocking customer care and support, I dont appreciate being treated like a fool and so blatantly lied to. I certainly expect more than this from a well respected company such as yourselves, I tend to spend a large amount of money on internet shops such as this one for my 3 home computers and laptop, just as I was beginnning to use your site you shoot yourselves in the foot. Absolutely appalling.

apparently this guy is a "general manager" what does that even mean? and why cant the gengeral manager even talk english? he probably doesnt even understand my letter since he doesnt address the question of what would have happened to my money if i didnt call.

this post is a big f##k you to all companies trying to rip us off
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  1. that sucks horribly.

    General managers are usually in charge of day to day operations, in my experience. I would file a complaint with the better business bureau.
  2. Plus the general manager doesn't even apologize in his message. What a d-bag. Customer service 101: apologize to the wronged customer (even if you don't mean it, because if you say sorry at least it shows that you care a tad about the customer).
  3. overclockers.co.uk are terrible. I spent over £1000 with them still their service sucks. I sent an e8400 back as i was getting temps of 50-70c only to be told these are 'normal' operating ranges. Despite the fact this is on watercooling. Brilliant technicians they must have. To add to it all i get charged the £22.50 fee as they decided there was nothing wrong with it. Will never use them again.
  4. avoid buy.com as well.
  5. Newegg every time. Best prices, best selection, great customer service.
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