Fudzilla more reliable than THG? THG to be Sued?


OK, I find the article written above disgusting. :pfff: :non:

The author is spreading baseless and unfounded rumors and then goes on to state he thinks the people spreading them should have some more facts.

What does he think he is doing?

What if I were to say that I heard "X, Y, and Z" about the author but I don't think they are true and people should not think "X, Y, and Z" about the author. This is not just about the NSA. This is about possibly hurting the companies named with baseless accusations.

There was a time and day when THG was above such things.
I would hope this article "Op Ed" piece is pulled because it degrades the image of THG so much.
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  1. If the author represents TMG, their was nothing wrong with what he said. NSA, the CIA, FBI, and various military intellenge agencies have been doing this stuff since they were formed. Most reporting of this stuff is bound to be hear say given all these agencies lie to the press, congress, and the president when it serves their purpose when their not telling people what they think they want to here to get whatever it is they want. It's good to be reminded that this government spies on us as well as violates our rights in any number of other ways. The brilliance of the founding fathers is that they knew governments do this and tried to put in as many safeguards as possible. They also knew that if people didn't want this sh!t, they had to stop it. The alternative is to bury your head in the sand and/or justify it. As for justifying this abuse in the name of security is admission of contemptible cowardness.
  2. new article: those who try to undermine THG operations, ie you.
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