Dual 7600GT's or a 7900GTO

Im going to be upgrading my system soon and was wondering what would be better, SLI 7600GT's or a 7900GTO which ive heard only good praise about. Im willing to spend anything up to £220 so im open to suggestions :P

Would those cards bottleneck with an amd 3000+ or would I need to invest in a x2 processor aswell. Thanks
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  1. one high end card is better than two lower end cards ;)
  2. Two 7600 GTs cost more money than a single 7900 GTO.
    Two 7600 GTs need more power than a single 7900 GTO.
    Two 7600 GTs are twice as prone to failure as a 7900 GTO.
    Two 7600 GTs are not as fast a a single 7900 GTO.

    If you are willing to spend a few minutes, check the forum for all those senseless SLI threads. People just keep asking whether to SLI two 6800 or get a single 7900 or to crossfire two x1600 instead of getting a sinlge x1800,,,

    The replies are all the same.
  3. I agree with Natecannon on this. One 7900GTO will preform better then two 7600 GT's in SLI. And will most likely run you less problems with power consumption, heat, and available space on the MB. As for running into bottlenecks with your processor that is somewhat possible. It would def. help getting a dual core proc. that would help give your system better performance with SLI and the higher end cards. I would def. recommend 1gig+ ram with the 7600GTs in SLI or the 7900GTO.
  4. I don't know what Sli'd 7600GT's would score on 3d '06, but I do know that on my rig a single 7900GTO is not that far off Sli'd 7900GT's, less maybe but not by much, if I were you I'd go for the 7900GTO, I bought one last week for £190.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys
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