Heatsink/Fan Replacement for ATI AIW Radeon 9700 Pro

Can someone suggest a replacement for the Heatsink/fan for the ATI AIW Radeon 9700 Pro. The fan on my card has stopped working, and the warranty expired like 4 months ago! :(

Tried ATI, and no such luck. Searched online, came up short. Asked around, no one knows.

The card is working fine and it would be a shame to loose the AIW features, by upgrading to a newer AGP card.

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  1. Ya know....there is an X800XT AIW....even better, X1800 and X1900's
  2. Yes, aware of that, but if I can still save this card, I would like to :)
  3. its a low powered card so about anytingyou can attach to it iwll be fine :) my mate repaired a bust fan on his 9800 pro by gluing on an old cpu fan from a pentium 2 i think it was. incidently he had been using it broke but his case has a side fan wich was blwoing air on the card and ran with no problems. i just happend to spot fan was turning.
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