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It's pretty annoying that we have to endure the bombardment of Ads squeezed into every corner of this site. But it's really annoying that we can't just print an entire article with or without the Ads.

The more Tom's Hardware becomes one big giant Advertisement, the less people will visit the site because they don't want to waste time and their bandwidth on Ads loading (yes, your readers do actually pay for bandwidth). But based on most of Tom's Articles these days, I can get better quality Journalism in People Magazine or The Star.

My suggestion:

1. Offer a paid subscription to folks that don't want to see Ads and give them the ability to print entire articles easily.

2. Screen your journalists more carefully, some of the articles I've read lately are far removed from the truth and integrity and have zero viable and trusted sources as references.

3. Offer some choice.

On a side note: when I create a new Thread/Topic, the button should NOT read "Submit your reply".

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  1. We just run AdBlock+ & don't see them.... That's FireFox.... [shrug]
  2. This website does suck, reason being that ads are so intrusive and taking up so much bandwidth , that smooth scrolling does not exist anymore. Tom's has sold out and is giving their site over to advertisers. Reading an article is painful when the page re-formats itself constantly when you are trying to navigate. Even the navigation shortcuts do not work properly anymore. There is nothing so frustrating or ridiculous than having your page stuck because an ad server is not responding.

    And one must question seriously the objectivity of Tom's when it is prostituting the very functioning of its web site to advertisers.

    Success breeds contempt for readers and pure greediness.

    Have you ever wondered what the "best of Media "Group" " has in common with other groups of bookkeepers. Outside control is focused on profits, not the reader. This is all so obvious. I'm Very sorry for the passing of Tom's as a viable website. Once it was very good but not anymore.
  3. Yes, Tom's is emulating the Microsoft model of business -- this is a flawed model and it only takes time to show the flaw...

    But, with less and less activity in the PC market both from a games perspective and hardware perspective, Toms is most likely to shift completely to consoles.
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