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Slow/Freezing Startup


I was using my computer all day and then I needed to upload my videos so I inserted my media card into my computer. I have never taken the media card out to use it anywhere so my computer was the first spot so I know the card had no viruses. I selected the video I wanted and the card pop out my computer. Then after my computer started running slow. Now my computer only runs right in safe mode. when I try normal mode, it works fine until it makes a connection with my router and then the system tray at the top will not upload. My programs wont open or upload in the start menu. If I open my documents, it will freeze up the computer. In safe mode, I have restored my computer, ran malware and nothing is working.
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    Some external storage device require you use the 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' option in order to remove the device without damaging the device and/or motherboard. The icon appears in the service tray for items requiring the 'eject' option in order to safely remove them. This 'Safely Remove...' option should be taken seriously. If not it can result in permanent damage to the device and/or the motherboard.
  2. Hi there,
    Did you use a system restore point to restore, or did you do a clean install of the OS?
    It sounds like you have a virus or some other kind of malware on this diesktop.
    Run you full antivirus program from safemode to see if that helps
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