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Okay, I started thinking about buying a Radeon X1600. Stupid idea after reading some reviews. TG suggests getting an X800 GTO. Seems like a good idea, especially when I can get one for $75 US @ Newegg.

I'm already spending way too much money on my upgrade, but this X1950 Pro for $200 is looking amazing. I'm leaning more towards the X800 right now, simply because it seems to be incredible for its price. Will the X800 last me a few years of mediocre gaming? If not, is there anything that can even compare to the x1950, but costs significantly less? I'm really looking for something in the ~$125 range, but maybe the x1950 is just too good to buy anything else.
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  1. Well even though the x800GTO is at an amazing price and everything.. The ATI x1950 is a much better card.. it has SM.3.0 which will be great for games like Oblivion. Also with the x1950 i believe you will be able to play games for another year... tell you have saved up the cash for a nice DX10 card. Because by then the prices would have dropped by then :)
  2. Sigh, I think I might just wait a while then. I'll try out my new comp with a crappy Radeon 9250 and see how it holds up. Maybe I can find a better deal on an X1950, or something remotely as good.
  3. you can do more than one year with an X1950Pro :P

    Anyway, go for the X1950Pro and you can game for a few years :)... The 9250 won't play much anymore I think... (at least not gameable :P)
  4. So does anyone have a realistic time frame for the x1950Pro agp card yet? I've been looking for a review here on THG but haven't seen anything. I've heard November time for release but if that were true I'd have expected some sort of review by now.
  5. Oh I'll make it play, whether it likes it or not. Considering I can play Doom 3 with relatively smooth graphics, I shudder to think at what my new computer will be capable of.

    I guess what I'm getting at is whether or not the X1950 Pro is twice as good as the X800 GTO. From the looks of these guys, it seems like that is true.

    My only problem is this: I set out to upgrade my computer to a mediocre machine, and now it's turning into nearly the best I can buy. I'm already planning on an expensive motherboard, and now it looks like I'm going to get an expensive video card too. Goodbye $700.
  6. If you are talking AGP, place it in your title (sorry if I missed it there). That changes everything. I do not think anyone is going to advise you to get more than an X800GTO for the $75 if you are talking about using your old AGP motherboard. Getting an X1600 Pro for the SM3 might he an option, but I have read the GTO is a lot more powerful. And that might give some more life to your computer for another year, so you can save up way more that $75, but the new games will likely tax your computer unless at 600x800, etc. I see this with Titan Quest on my second computer with an X800GTO and a Barton running at 2.4 GHz. I hope my second computer plays NWN2 ok for a LAN setup.

    Get the X800GTO and start saving money for a new setup when you can afford to do it right.
  7. Sorry, I forgot about specifying whether or not I had AGP or not. I actually have PCI (not express), but I'm getting a new motherboard with PCI-E. X1950 is only on PCI-E anyway.

    Thanks for everyone's advise. I think the best bet here is the X1950 Pro, or something similar. The others, unfortunately, just don't seem worth it.
  8. Quote:
    X1950 is only on PCI-E anyway.

    Please research before posting BS here. The x1950Pro is actually coming to AGP, just take a look over at
  9. there is a X1950 for like 165 or something.. its just not in stock.. you should wait for that.
  10. Sigh...

    If you want to scold me, please note my use of the present tense and your use of the gerund.
  11. Quote:

    If you want to scold me, please note my use of the present tense and your use of the gerund.

    Well said.
  12. i am using a x850xt which i got for my new build about a month ago, and i love it i payed for it $115, and i have to say i have not had a single laggy experience ever, i played all games maxed out on 1280x1024 i played farcry(almost all the highest settings), battle for middle earth 2, rise and fall, medieval 2 demo, rise of legends demo, bf2142 demo, bf2, dark messiah of might and magic demo, company of heroes demo, all maxed out, and had no lagg whatsoever, i wanted to get the 1900 series cards but considering ill be geting a new dx10 after the prices on those will drop a bit, i decided to go with the x850xt, and honestly i have to say im happy with it, at the time that was the cheapest card around,

    If u dont want to spend much get this card im shoor it went down in price by quite a bit now, maby its sub 100, and honestly seeing what will be coming out in the dx10 cards i do not see a point in geting any card like the 1900 ones, unless u have the $$ to burn, I for that mater am happy with my purchase, and will skip the antire x1..00 line and wait for the dx10 cards to come out, hopefully by next winter the dx10 card prices will fall, so i will be able to get one for reasonable $$(got burned by geting the conroe, and the mobo, as soon it came out-wasted more than $100 on price gauging, oh well but i needed a new pc then anyway :wink: )
  13. The new budget ati card, the 1650XT (not pro, its slow...) is up to around x1800gto/7600gt levels for cheapish prices, out soon...
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