8800GTX available for order, only $799!!!

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  1. Sweet!

    If it wasnt a US site I'd order right this second :)
  2. Yeah, that isn't a rip off at all, $800 wth. Unless the damn thing can scarth my ass, grab me a beer from the fridge and open it for me, I am not paying $800 for 1 GPU :x
  3. Quote:
    I am not paying $800 for 1 GPU Mad

    me too, the cheaper the better :twisted:
  4. Meh, thats only a little more than the 7950GX2 went for over here in the UK on release, and the thing is supposed to be 50% faster.

    Personally I could justify $800 on a Gfx card to myself far easier than I could justify $1000 on a Core 2 x6800 or qx6700.
  5. lucky you! :evil:

  6. Quote:
    Meh, thats only a little more than the 7950GX2 went for over here in the UK on release, and the thing is supposed to be 50% faster.

    Personally I could justify $800 on a Gfx card to myself far easier than I could justify $1000 on a Core 2 x6800 or qx6700.

    I can't justify either 8O

    I am going to OC the freaking hell out of my E6600 and out pace a X6800. I also use a 7900GTX instead of a 7950GX2 because there is no need for the GX2 for me. NFS, BF2, L2 don't put the 7900GTX to shame at 16x12 so I was happy with a $400 card and not a $600 one :D

    OC > Paying for High End
  7. wow, um just a sec (check my pockets,wallet etc) um let me go sell a kidney and I'll come back. GEEZ 800$?"?????! blow me! 8O
  8. Is it available to ship TODAY?
  9. Quote:

    Wow! Only $799?! That's a bargain. :P :tongue:

    Wow this is more expensive than getting the rest of the components for a pc and only to last 6 months. I'll stick with my onboard for now, thank you.
  10. twice the price of the xbox 360....

    and it's just one of the 15 different components a pc needs.
  11. pc gaming is so dead =)
  12. Two years form now an X6800 will still be a very powerful and useful CPU. Two years from now a $200 mid-range card will probably work just as well as that $800 8800GTX.

    One $200 mid-range card per year = $400 in two years, but some people need to have the latest and greatest so right on I guess.
  13. Where is it, the link doesn't show me a NVidia 8800GTX or anything at that..

    Is it gone?

  14. Quote:
    Where is it, the link doesn't show me a NVidia 8800GTX or anything at that..

    Is it gone?


    somebody bought it already and they are out of stock!!! rolf
  15. I wouldn't be willing to pay $800 either for a single gpu graphics solution. However looking at the site, their other gpus are way overpriced compared to what you could get them at more popular sites online. Going by that I would assume $800 is not a good indication of what we can expect to pay for the cards once other sites start listing them. Much less actually getting stock in.

    Only time will tell tho but even 700 would be too much for one card imo. At least not unless it had more functions than driving my graphics while under my desk....
  16. Yeah the link is broken. I guess its safe to assume that it was selling a 8800... Wait a year, and that $800 GF8800 will set you back around 200 bucks or won't even be in production any more.
  17. Its alot of money for a GPU, but Gfx cards these days have a larger die size than a CPU, and have a large amount of high end memory.

    I also agree that the Core 2 Extreme x6800 is a waste of cash, hence why I just ordered an e6700 instead, but there are people who will spend $1000 on a CPU.

    Those people should also be willing to pay that much for a GPU that likely has equally high if not higher production costs, and has more of an affect on gaming performance.

    My 7900GT does ok at 1600x1200. There are some games I cant run with 8xSS FSAA, and I am planning on a HP LP2465 24" 1920x1200 panel soon. I realise the R600 may turn out to be better.... but if that is the case I shall sell the 8800GTX I *will* be buying next month and buy the R600.
  18. Quote:
    I am not paying $800 for 1 GPU Mad

    me too, the cheaper the better :twisted:
    Fine, get yourself a 6800XT. :lol: :roll:

    But, $800 is just ridiculous.
  19. Everything is a function of markets. I have no quibbles over people buying the high end stuff, I just choose to become a ridiculous OCer and save some cash and take on some headaches lol. It'sall about Cost/Benefit. I enjoy the hassle of OC'ing, other do not and are willing to pay more for higher stock speeds, fine.

    2 reasons for not buying the 8800GTX

    1) no need: there are no DX 10 games yet, my 7900GTX handles everything quite nicely

    2) I don't have any money..... lol 8O
  20. Are *any* of you surprised at all??? I sure wasn't. I knew that the first gen cards would be this expensive. I'm only hoping that the 800$ pricetag isn't just because it's their new flagship card, it had better have a good deal of improvement over the previous flagship card to truly be justifiable at 800$ USD.

    It's only grayscale? Are you f'ing me? BTW 11" is one inch shorter than the length of your ATX motherboard. I'm guessing were all ganna have to cut the drive racks out of our cases now.
  21. Froogle has them listed ~622.00.

    Of course they aren't in stock anywhere.
  22. Well given that the past 2-3 generations have topped out at $500, I was surprised at the $800 tag. Of course, as someone stated earlier, all of thier crap was overpriced. I would expect a drop more towards $700-730 initial price range. I just can't really get behind such a large increase in prices for a new gen, even if it is DX 10...

    GX2's are now reasonably priced at just over $500, which isn't too bad, but they didn't start there more like.... $650 at some places. Grr
  23. Quote:
    Froogle has them listed ~622.00.

    Of course they aren't in stock anywhere.

    I think this is the sort of price we will really see them at :)
  24. I agree wholeheartedly! The best deal is where if you were to plot the relative performance vs. price, the unit just before the slope goes up exponentially. This tends to occur in the following places:

    1. In a line where just clock speed goes up and all units are rather expensive, the second to the bottom is usually a good choice. They tend to be on sale frequently as everybody will buy the cheapest one and the most expensive one, so you get a better deal than usual.

    2. In a line of products where there's a natural performance break (such as the ATi x16xx -> x19xx series boundary) the cheapest higher-end product makes the most sense as it's usually not that much more than the highest lower-end part and will perform a lot better than it.

    3. Used-to-be high-end parts right after the introduction of a new part. For example, if you had wanted a Pentium D to put in your existing 945 or 955 motherboard, they got a ton cheaper after the Core 2 Duo debuted- prices dropped by at least half at the upper range.

    4. In a line that goes straight from budget to mainstream as far as prices, the lowest mainstream part will generally not be that much more than the best budget part but will outperform it greatly. I'm thinking of the lower AM2 Athlon 64s beating equivalently-priced Semprons by a fair margin here.

    Here are things that are *never* good buys:

    1. Parts that are bleeding-edge new. Wait a month or two and prices will drop a lot.

    2. The most top-of-the-line unit, such as any Extreme Edition or FX series CPU.

    3. The last revision of technology once the newer stuff has been out for several months (i.e. Socket 939 Athlon 64s and Pentium 4s and Ds.) The bleeding-edge prices are gone from the new goods and the new stuff and you're probably left with no upgrade path or a decent part selection on the older goods.

    4. Getting a cheap component and then a lot of expensive parts to overclock it. Spending $300 on a water-cooling unit, $100 more on super-fast RAM, $100 more on an extremely OC-friendly motherboard just to clock a bottom-end chip up to the same level that an upper-mid-range chip can reach on regular RAM, a midrange board, and a $50 heatsink is idiotic because there's usually not a $450 difference between an upper-mid-range chip and a bottom-end chip. Plus the more expensive chip will run cooler and quieter and run longer and more stably. I can say the same thing about GPUs too.
  25. another thing it's probably a bit off topic but whats the story with the price for flight simulatorX for the pc it's 75 euro in ireland(95.5327 USD) is this because it uses some DX10 libaries, is Microsoft getting more involved in pc gaming with it's new "games for windows" so they can ramp the price up on games and blame it on "Next Generation" like they have done with the Xbox 360 yeah it cost 25 euro extra to add higher resolution textures.
  26. I hope a bunch of people buy these things so I can get one in 1 1/2 years for free for building yet another in a series of "bleeding edge" machines for someone with way more disposable income than I have. My current work vehicle cost me about $850 including parts, and has made me about $300,000 in the last five years getting me back and forth from work. Can't see a videocard doing that for me, but maybe it's worth it for others. I can't recall getting any tail in the backseat of a videocard either (although this card is almost big enough to consider the possibility).
    I'll just have to make do with my freebie 6800gt I got for building a crossfire box for a buddy's son, unless someone wants something smokin' for Xmas.
  27. Whoa, if true the UK is going to be paying the equivelent of over $900 for the GTX.

    Nice screenies though in the second link.
  28. PaulDH, I don't think those were screen shots. I believe they're renderings. I remember seeing the second one somewhere before. Someone tried to pawn it off as a screenshot and after a little investigating they found it to be an artist's rendering for the upcoming M$ Flight Simulator.

    Thanks for the links though.
  29. Yes, Anoobis is right. I watched a video and the woman who is talking about DX10 states, "these images are artist concepts of what we believe DX10 can do."
  30. Who cares about the price? It will drop, everyone knows it.

  31. The UT2K7 pics are actual Screenies of what the game engines renders though. It'll be interesting to see the first person views.
  32. Ideally, we could use DX10 with Windows XP. I know XP isnt the best, but I am comfortable and familiar with it. And I spent 2 hours download all the patches for it. This is an investment.
  33. So it looks like £500 ($950 or so) for the 8800GTX. God damn the prices of computer stuff in the UK sucks compared to the rest of the world. I just paid £345 ($660 or so) for an e6700.... $160 more than the US price.

    Means I'll only be getting 1 at the end of November.... Then new mobo end of December, maybe 8800GTX SLi in end of Jan? :D
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