9800 Pro 128MB No AGP?

I havnt really used my PC for gaming since I put this card in (I'm poor give me a break); But recently I started up again, so I went through the system and checked everything over to make sure I was getting the best performance I could.
One thing I noticed is that my AGP card isnt functioning in AGP aparently.
According to the ATI catalyst control AGP is turned off...
I'm using an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo.

What should I do to find out the problem?
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  1. o.0

    If its in an AGP slot its in an AGP slot, its not something you have to 'enable'.

    You may not have AGP fast writes enabled or something, but you cant 'disable AGP'
  2. You probably need to change your graphics settings in your bios from onboard to AGP.
  3. It is set to onboard, and the fastwrite is set to on in the bios as well.
    I knew that if it's AGP it's AGP, but I thought for a second that I slipped into some parallel dimension where reality ceases to make sense.
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