phoenix bios wouldn't load windowxp at boot time!?!

jeez, i finished building my new comp system with a ncs motherboard with phoenix bios. The bios displays the information just fine e.g ram, hard disd cd/dvd detecting...

But no matter how i changed the boot order in bios, it doesn't boot into window xp!?!
1. If the first boot device is cd-rom, it checks the cdrom presence in the cd/dvd/driver and for 1 min or so it says enter system disk and press enter.

2. If the first boot device is hard disk, it will just "Verifying DMI Pool Data" and sticks there.

3. If i pressed F11 to select the boot option and select hard disk, same thing happened (step 2).

And if i use linux distro to boot and select boot from hard disk, it loaded and booted windows xp but (god!), it takes like 3 mins to load up. New system build so there aren't any program to run yet at boot time :(.

I need some advice as this drives me mad, up to the wall!?! Thanks in advanced!
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  1. silly me, i figured it out now. I got a pair of ide hard drive so i set the jumper to master and slave but recently the slave one was corrupted so i took it out but didn't know i have to change the jumper from the master drive to single. So everything works perfect now, it boots in window xp in just between 10-15 seconds! wow, cruising!
  2. *Golf Clap* Well done and congrats :)

    Its always cool to figure stuff out on your own.. you learn better that way :)
  3. If your not sure how to configure the BIOS then apply the default BIOS settings settings...
    Boot order should be FDD, HDD, CD/ROM...
    Boot order is not the reason Windows wont load, make sure you check the box for "plug n play OS"...
    Good luck
  4. everything works fine, i changed the boot order to cdrom, hard disk, disable cause i don't need it. I think what happened when i had the jumper in the hard drive to master was the bios searched and detected it but it couldn't detect the the slave one while it expected so it's confused it-self and decided that there is no hard drive hence to error message insert system disk and enter to boot. Im sure that each bios handles this differently cause my old motherboard was ami bios and it just took long to boot into xp.

    Thanks for reply anyway!
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