what am I doing wrong in my water cooling setup???

Right now I have a swiftech 360 radiator, resevoir, 655 pump, storm cpu block, (2) dangerden maze4 gpu blocks, all 1/2inch tubing, and 6 120mm fans. AMD 4800 @ 2.83ghz, x1900xtx, x1900cf, bfg 1kw psu, asus a8r32mvp, 2gb corsair 3500ll pro, x-fi fatal1ty, (2) 74gb raptor's raid 0, 500gb wd caviar.

With this set up my idle temp on my cpu is 41c and load is about 48c. This doesnt sound right to me. My cards idle at 38c. Right now my cooling loop goes...


I have no idea what I am doing wrong but I do know that my temps are way off from what I see other people have with a similar set up. A friend of mine has almost the identical setup and his idle is about 33c. The ambient room temperature in my this room is about 75f.

The part of this that is killing me is when I had just that huge zalman copper cpu fan hooked up my idle was 45c and load was 52c. I did not just pay $400 for a 4c drop in load. I am also running fluid xp exreme in my system. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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  1. Jesus...your rad is probably having a helluva time trying to sufficiently cool your fluid; you have so much in the loop and one rad that it alone could be most of your problem.
  2. Your rad is overwhelmed. Place another rad between the cpu and first gpu. Either that or get better airflow over the rad.
  3. Also, is the rad internal or external? Which way is the air flowing? Is it air from the case or cool external air?

    I would also change the loop to have the rad right before the cpu block.
  4. I would try a different order (pump>gpu>gpu>radiator>cpu>resvoir>pump) before go buy stuff.

    I suggest this order so your resvoir can act as a less efficient radiator (and the averaging effect especially if you have a big enough resvoir). This works well if you have the entrance and exit of the resvoir at or near the bottom

    then if you really need another radiator just put it between the CPU and resvoir.
  5. before you buy new rad buy new fans that push more air and set it up as push pull....

    Adding another rad to that loop may as well get dual loop setup....
  6. To correctly cool your setup, you must setup your radiator to PULL configuration. And it would've helped if you purchased a better radiator, like a thermochill pa 120.3. It's more costly but you would probably see temps like 35c Load.

    so your radiator should look like this

    <--- AIRFLOW <--- 120MM FAN < --- 120MM FAN < --- {Radiator} <-- AIR

    This should definitely improve your temps.
  7. so 100% pull is better you say???

    The people at swiftec beg to disagree with you...
  8. the dude OEM-NIB-OBO

    recomends this

    <--- AIRFLOW <--- 120MM FAN < --- 120MM FAN < --- {Radiator} <-- AIR

    ie he recomend 2 fans both pull.... not push / pull

    Wussy you cant read dont post a reply.... your as thick as 2 bricks...
  9. LOL! I needed a laugh this dreary Monday morning. Thanks!
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