need help settin up a web server!!

Im trying to set up apache2 web server ono my computer, and I have no idea where to begin. Im using windows2000 professional on the computer i intend to use as the web server. This computer is connected to a netgear 4port ADSL router. Ive never used apache before and id like some1 to just go through all the steps i need get a web site up and running, or alternativly if some1 knows a good beginners guide to apache that would be great.
Ne help would be appreciated.

Why use windows when you can use doors?
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  1. Did u ever try to check the official site?

    U can get almost any info from there.
  2. Bah learning apache will take too long, you can setup a windows 2000 pro machine as a webserver and FTP server... Although if you are going to host your own pages, i suggest you get a static IP address for your network. Just make sure the router has a real static ip address that you get from you ISP and your 2k pro machine has a static private address... My ISP can sell me a static ip for like 20 or so extra dollars a month... To install the webserver application click start, control panel, add remove software, click on the windows componets tab, then click on IIS and then click on properties, then when the box comes up go ahead and install all of the componets. That should be enough to get you started... Im not 100% sure how to use it all but go back to the control panel and click on administrative tools and youll see the IIS manager or something similar. Someone else on this board can help you get it setup, im going to school for 2k server now so maybe ill be able to help some other time :) ... Anyways im outta here!!!

    good luck, The sleeper

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  3. Yeh i already have a static external IP address, should i set up a static IP address on my W2K server aswell? I did use IIS for a bit but ive been told Apache is more secure. I also had a problem wid my router (I think) the web page could be viewed internally on my network but you couldnt get to it from outside. I set up port forwarding of port 80 but that didnt help. Know anything i could do about that? Someone suggested puttin it on a DMZ but i have no idea what that is?

    Why use windows when you can use doors?
  4. For cable/dsl routers th DMZ zone is a place that is not protected by a firewall. It shouldnt take you but a minute to do this. All you need to do is set your computer with a private static ip address and then threw a web browser open up the routers configuration. Its almost always called the DMZ on the router, so look around in the configuration youll find it. Then all you do is put the ip address of your webserver into the DMZ configureation. Well im sure you realized it but your webserver wont be protected by the firewall. Just make sure NTFS file system is installed and you back up your harddisk every couple weeks or so just in case a hacker destroys your data. Now i dont reall see you being attacked because most hackers are going to attack companys because thats more fun. You can try to install a software firewall on the webserver and see if it still works but someone else on this forum will have better ideas for secrity.


    They should make a brand of clothing called Cisco Router and Switch... Yah, that beats the hell out of Ambercrombie and whatever...
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