confusing conroe questions ?

hi , i am a noob to overclocking but not to pc's , am thinking of wedging into the conroe 6600 and have a couple of questions.....

bought a hiper type-r 580w psu with a 4pin 12v , is it possible to plug this into 4 of the 8pins on the new motherboards????

(some places say yes , some say no)

am thinking of buying a gigabyte ds3 or dq6

most important question is that i want to overclock but not aggressively, wish to jack up the FSB to 333 to run the 6600 @ 3ghz,my current thinking is that i can buy 2 sticks of ddr2-667 and run it @ 333 FSB so the 6600 hits 3ghz , am i right???????

am also unsure of the weight limit on coolers so was hoping the stock cooler could do it (maybe with some arctic silver) failing that i would go for one of those zalman flower type fans that blow air over the mosfets too, but heard if you move your pc around it could do damage , any thought??????

thanks for any help received.....
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  1. Hmmmm... I wouldn't plug in the 4 pins into the 8 pins, although I don't think the mobo's your looking at requires 8 pins anyways.

    I would also recommend the P5B-E over the DS3:

    DQ6... meh, if you really want crossfire...

    Decent DDR2 667 will also do fine:

    Here are some decent value rams that perform well. Or you could always pay a bit more and get brand name: Corsair, Mushkin, OCZ, G. Skill, yadda yadda. They should all be able to get past 333 without a problem.

    Stock cooler should be fine if you only doing a modest OC. But tells us how your case is and we can double check that.
  2. Your OC calculation are good.
    The stock cooler should do fine.

    Heavy cooler can be a problem when moving around. Some use a special back plate that you need to take off the motherboard to install, those cant fall...

    Good list of cooler for Ocing...
  3. Thats a damn nice list he has. He should update it though to include the Big Typhoon VX, which is also a damn nice cooler... too lazy to register and tell him though...
  4. thanx labbbby and doughbuy ,

    @ doughbuy, crossfire is really overkill for me as am occasional pc gamer (love xbox) am prob going to get kinda mid range ddr2 , current spec is 3700 sandy , dfi ultra d , 1 gig of corsair xms-4400

    glad u mentioned g.skill , have found kinda mixed reviews for them , was considering 2x 1gig modulez , seems to me that ddr2 is a bit of a

    new home for the conroe is an enlight extreme en-4203 , maybe not the best , but i like it , has 3x 92mm fans , hd front, usual back , and side panel ( which i think could be a prob with an extreme cooler) had a top 80mm , but had to rip it out for the hiper psu.

    @ labbbby

    have looked into a few coolers on your list think clearance in the cas would be a problem with the side fan with such monsters as tuniq tower,zalman 9500 et al , would prefer the blow onto mobo type to be honest , although its not a major OC would like to run @ 3ghz for the life of the system , 2-3 yrs,hardest thing seems to be finding parts that are compatible with each other and stable.

    am little concerned with how hot the chipset will get as heard horror stories,did check out the asus per doughbuy's link,but read elsewhere that the DS3 has higher ram compatibility, also major horror stories bout bios being supplied that wont boot with a conroe , sure dont wanna buy a celeron just to flash it , lol , any thoughts , people??????????

  5. Most of these are from early boards. I worked in a computer shop this summer and sure did my share of bios flashing/ Memory setting tweaking on 965 mobos!

    Usually, ram that wont work on 965 only needs a few little tweaks like drive strenght or skew somewhere. Bios updates did fix this.

    I dont have any experience on the Gigabyte boards so I cant help you there. I do have plenty of build on P5b/P5b Deluxe and they're really good cards. the P5B -Deluxe has a good cooling solution on the northbridge, should take care of the temps!

    Im 90% certain you can do 3Ghz without a hitch on the stock cooler. I suggest giving it a try and monitor the temps while doing dual Prime 95, if the temps are to high, you can lower them a good 10c with a strong aftermarket cooling...

    I ran my P4c 2.6ghz at 3.25ghz for 3+years, sold it to my friend, still running at those speed, all that on stock cooler, without a hitch.
    Any temps under 60 full load and you're good for 5years+
  6. thanks labby , that clears up many misconceptions with the conroe i had.
  7. well after lots of research and the help from you peeps this is what i bought.

    core 2 duo 6600 - £210
    gigabyte ds3 - £102
    kinston valueram 2x 1g kit - kvr667d2n5k2/2g £175
    2x 250gb WD 16MB cache sata 2 drives £51 ea
    soundblaster audigy 7.1 oem - £15 (incase onboard is crap)
    nec 7173a dvdr - £24
    standard dvd-rom - £10
    hiper type-r 580watts of the good stuff PSU £58
    enlight extreme gamer case - £44
    radeon pci-e X700 256mb gfx - £35
    3x tubes of silver compound (no i wont be using all 3 on conroe , lol)

    hopefully be here in a few days so will post as to how i got on with the OC to 3ghz, and temps , OH , nearly forgot chose the value stuff because a)its 1.8v ram which means the ds3 should see it out of the box and b)its 667 so i can just set my FSB to 333 and go, nice.......
  8. Good job
    I like kingston value ram, works like a charm!

    Just not sure about the case
    First google link: :lol:
    Do we like it?

    In two words... not really. Here we have a perfect example of idea overload, below average design, poor finish and short sighted vision. The Enlight Extreme Gamers PC Case is designed to fit into a portion of the market that has been excluded by virtue of some of the inflexibility the product suffers from.
  9. just read the enlight review , must say that owning 3 of these , 1 of each colour i have to disagree with their views on the paintwork , all 3 of mine are superb finishes, definately not fragile , the 0.8mm steel casing is superb and rattle free , but they are very correct in the top fan gets in the way, have removed that fan on all free cases , big plus point for me is that i got all three @ £40 + carriage each , maybe they got a poor review sample , or maybe i just like these cases , who knows , lol.

    as for the kingston value ram , was the only ram on ebuyer i could find that both supported the board i was getting and that had a 1.8v rating , i always stick with kingston or corsair as a rule , but never tried the value stuff so fingers crossed.

    plan to remove the thermal gunk off the stock cooler and use silver grease from day 1

    has anyone heard of the onboard usb + OC problem on the ds3 and has it been sorted yet???
  10. The DS3 uses the ALC883 codec, which will provide decent enough sound... but that Audigy isin't too much so having it around definitly won't hurt, especially for the EAX support...

    Haven't heard anything about that case, so guess that calls up to you. As long as your happy.

    Kingston has been a good supplier of memory for a while, not much in the enthusiast market, but a big player in the regular market. Guess we'll see how it turns off...

    Don't know about the usb+OC problem on the DS3... but its probably fixed by now...

    Also, why didn't you get the new 320gb PMR drives, they're faster than the older drives... just a suggestion...

    Everything else seems fine. Nice DVD burner btw.
  11. thanks for your input, am a bit of a HD junkie like yourself , fave drive so far has been the maxtor 16meg 300 giggers, havnt looked into the pmr drives , will check it out for my servers tho

    have two linux boxes running samba 1x900athlon 256meg suse10.0 1tera over 4 drives with space for another 4 serving my giga eth network and XBMC
    2nd is 950 athlon 256meg suse 10.1 250gig suse10.1 (gotta love that yast) with space for another 7 drives.
    both servers never go over 30% cpu usage ,nice..............

    chose those two drives for the conroe system as they were cheap and should give decent throughput in raid 0 , as you can tell by my choice of gfx card not planning to play games on it , but if that changes will wedge into 1950 ati.

    home rigs , 2 days till the conroe lands.........

    aopen xc-cube - 2.4p4 800fsb 1gig corsair VS, 200 gig sata
    AMD geode 1750,256 kingston 400,256meg ,250gig maxtor ati 2100(emulator machine)
    AMD 3000-64 (754) 1gig kingston 400 ,GF5600 256mb ,250 pata 16mb
    AMD 3700 sandy 939 dfi ultra-d 1gig corsair xms 4400,ati 800gto 300 sata 16mb
    internet pc (crappy 1.5 p4)
    AMD 3000 laptop 768ram 80hd
  12. Well , the bits turned up today , so i thought i would strip off the intel supplied thermal gunk and put my own on , lol......

    wiped off majority with kitchen roll , unfortunately bottom copper piece of the intel stock hsf has been machined from the inside out with concentric circles, which left traces of the grey gunk in to tiny grooves common to machining metal.

    looking around at girlfriends and neighbors nail polish remover for a high enuf acetone level all i could find was scented , oiled or both , no good at all , luckily neighbor had a can of contact cleaner in garage , 100% isopropanol , oh yes , just the sh*t we need , cleaned off the remainder , had soem latex clothes to apply the silver grease when , wouldnt u know it , they were covered in powder , flash of genius i put the gloves on and washed my hands thoroughly , no more powder , nice ..........

    buffed in a tiny amount of silver paste to hsf and chip then applied a very small amount to hsf and offered them up , ,never installed a 775 hsf before, cant say i really trust that mounting to

    rest of build went pretty much as expected , have built many many many pc's before and it went together quickly , the gigabyte ds3 was flawless , detected my memory and posted 1st time , maybe all the dodgy 1st build posts on here could have been avoided with some common sense and compatible hardware?????????? my 0.02$

    bios indicated cpu to be idling at 32 degrees , unsure if thats good or bad as chips vary from wafer to wafer, after installing windows in record time for me i got cpu-z prime 95 and coretemp on there to see whats what.

    got all 3 progs running at same time and after a while torture testing , cpu got to 44 degrees c,although thats just 1 instance of prime 95 , when i finally figured how to get 2 instances going i couldnt get it to use more than 50% cpu but still cores didnt climb over 44 degrees c , good??? maybe , certainly cant see it as bad,lol.

    gigabyte bios is slightly confusing to the newbie overclocker, ie. me!!!! , think cpu-z shows my fsb at 333 with ram ratio 4:5 , hmmm something doesnt seem right here, will set it to 333 @ 1:1 tomorrow for the 3 gig OC and see how it goes.
  13. Just info on Prime95.

    I think there are 2-3 ways of starting up Prime95 for both cores.

    The easiest way I know of, is that you need to have the program copied twice, in different folders.

    When you start one Prime95 up, go to advance/affinity. From there uncheck where it says let the program run on any cpu. Let that one be 0 and start the other Prime95 and set it to 1.

    That should warm things up abit more.
  14. thanks man , i tried exactly that , still didnt go over 50% usage tho , although it was split quite evenly accross the 2 cores , in the bios all i have done is turned off the fan control to the cpu , everything else is default , is there any throttling going on ????????

    all advise welcome....
  15. Doh.. worked for my P4 when I upgraded to HT. :lol:

    Well, here's a link that had the instructions that worked for the X2 side:

    X2 dual core cpu's + dual Prime95 for stability testing (fixed)
  16. thanks , that link did the trick , i switched off the throttling bitz in the bios , am now running dual prime @ 100 % cpu usage at stock levels

    right now i am fluctuating between 46/47 , not too bad , but it is warm in my pc room and the side cover is not on ( that has a 92mm fan in it )

    hoping to OC to 3gig 333fsb, what is the safe levels for temperature???????
  17. Just to mention, make sure you get a newer CPU-Z like 1.36 or 1.37.
    ~1.35 and earlier don't work right with Core2.
    4:5 ratio is 266FSB:333memory.
    More popular is 2:3 which is 266FSB:400memory.
    Or, what I do is run 1:1 (synchronous) and really lean on the memory timings - I get 3-4-4-10 automatically, and can push from there.
    Whatever floats yer boat... the lads say that 2:3 is actually the hot setup, but if you o/c then it's probably best to go to the 1:1 ratio anyway.
  18. am using 1.37 cpu-z alls good except i just tried an overclock, have 667ran set the multiplier to 2.00 (1:1) fsb to 333 booted up ok @2.98 ghz then raid array broke badly, not so bad as was fresh install of win xp , rebuilt array went to install it again and noticed my idle temp in bios was 47 and my northbridge was so hot i couldnt keep my fingers on it, what gives???????

    thought 3gig was an easy overclock , dont wanna smoke my new
  19. ok , how bout this for a weird problem , pc works fine , 4 hous of dual instances of prime 95 leaves the cpu @ 56 degrees, according to core temp

    that alone is no problem, the strange prob i have is this , while the pc is stable when i boot up it cycles through the black screen with the windows xp saying "you did not shut down properly" and you can choose to "start up normally" , it will cycle that 2 or 3 times then boot normally , completely stable , it reboots just as you see the win xp boot screen , i believe it to be a driver issue any thoughts?????????????
  20. Dunno if this could help ya out.

    Using the command prompt, within windows, type:

    chkdsk /f

    then answer yes for it to do it on reboot.

    Or.. Right click on your C hard drive, properties>tools tab.

    Click check now, and check automatically fix file system errors.

    Should take about 5-10 mins for it to fix any disk errors.
  21. nah, didnt help at all, it seems to do a reset just after the sata raid bios screen, will do this 2 - 4 times then boot up normally , strange prob , i suspect that it is the raid driver, as i have said the machine is super stable in windows although i am getting worried about my northbridge as its just so hot .

    2x250gig WD KS drives in raid 0 in the purple gigabyte sata ports on mobo.

    any ideas??
  22. Quote:
    i am getting worried about my northbridge as it's just so hot.

    Yes, you should be. You are more likely to toast your mobo than melt-down a Conroe CPU...
    Remember, temperatures increase exponentially (by the square of the voltage) and your mobo is passing a lot of current to run ~333FSB.
    25% is a healthy overclock - at least the CPU is up for it, LoL
    My ABit has special 'Silent OTES heatpipe technology' conducting chipset heat out the back of the case,
  23. ***SOLVED the raid boot problem - was a dodgy driver for the GBB36X***

    updated it to 1.16.x from a guy on another forum on here and works a treat....

    now the heat.......

    when i briefly ran my 6600 @ 3ghz , it booted at 47degrees idle so would assume delta of 26 deg giving me 73 degrees under load - HOLY SH*T , not good at all.

    as running @ stock now my northbridge is awfully hot , doubt i will remove the HS on it but was thinking of adding a small fan to it , any suggestions welcome.

    any progs out the to report the northbridge temperature??????

    the DS3 does seem to run hot @ stock .
  24. Okay Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3, right?
    $175 bucks CDN, I'm gonna take a look right now. (I'm supposed to be working, heheh :^)
    So it has a stout passive NB cooler and a lesser southbridge cooler - these are both fine. They trust you to have good case air movement, lots of exhaust at rear and top, steady movement.
    They never used to trust you, and had little noisy northbridge fans... it was YOU that they used to apply those for, Mr. 333FSB LoL - it's you they don't trust. You that worries them, not me heheh.
    It seems I have 'the 333FSB' mobo though, with the elaborate heatpipes and aluminum coolers all over the components... here's a quick photo:
    But I just run it default - including SpeedStep, everything very cold.
    My mobo is $180 bucks (WTF, I think I paid $185) so good deal, a little more $ but better cooling than yours.
    Anyway, I would consider 300MHz which gives you what, ~2.7GHz to be your 1st-tier overclock.
    I would consider the 333MHz to be a healthy, manly level-2 overclock. Nothing wrong with it if temps are good, but looking at better-than-stock CPU cooling for you, and better NB cooling (fan or whatever) too.
    Y'know, I'm gonna try some overclocking myself - I should be able to run 300MHz (1200FSB) which will give me ~2.4GB, easy. The SpeedStep should still work, or what?
    Take the 300 FSB yourself, friend. Save your money, and just use it. Or spend your money to overhaul cooling - you should have got better stuff to begin with! But keep it cool,
  25. hi, thanks for your reply , to be honest i am not an overclocker but i had to try , people have said on this forum that 3gig on stock is easily achievable , but dont think im gonna risk burning the ar*ehole outta my shiny new toy ,lol,its stupidly fast @ stock ... hoping speedfan will let me monitor my NB temps , maybe will try again if i can bring them down a bit,
    mobo was showing my ram running @ 667 with a 5:4 divider or 4:5 cant remember which , maybe that has something to do with my NB temps???

    am thkning of placing a 40-50mm fan on the NB to see the effects , who knows,my cpu seems to be running cool @ stock 30 idle 56 max load 2x prime 95 running 100%.

    am happy with the stock cpu temps , although with the brief OC i did 47 idle was a bit high,have plenty of airflow in my case so maybe 3ghz is unrealistic for me at sensible temps , as i say once i can monitor the NB properly will get a bit braver and try above stock ,lol
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