Audio service keeps on stoppong

It has been a while since I posted here. I ran into a problem that the audio service keeps on stopping. The hardware definitely works because I can manually start the service and it worked for few minutes to few hours before window stop it. I tried update driver, reinstall driver, and checked the window service and it is set to automatic (the dependent service for audio service are all set to automatic and started), therefore I see no reason for audio service stopping. One more thing is that the feature keys on the laptop is not working as well. I am not sure if they are related (the feature keys control power profile, volume and trigger window media center).

OS: Window 7 Home Premium 64bit
Laptop: Asus N61-JA [HM55, i5-430m, 8Gb DDR3 1066, Mobility 5730, OCZ Vertex2 120Gb + Seagate Momentus 500G, Realtek HD audio]
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    If the sound keeps stopping and restarting on you there could be issues with the motherboard. Things start to fail one by one when the motherboard starts to go (ie feature keys).

    Another problem could be related to a BIOS update. Have you updated the BIOS recently? If so, did you use the BIOS on the ASUS site?

    Also, is the PC still under warranty?
  2. The last BIOS update was many months ago so I don't think BIOS is a problem. I now set the action for window after window audio service stopped from:

    1st time failures: restart service
    2nd time failures: restart service
    subsequent failures: take no action


    1st time failures: restart service
    2nd time failures: restart service
    subsequent failures: restart service

    It seems to be doing fine that audio service is kept running. But I still want to find out what caused it to stop.

    The laptop is still under warranty. But that means I have to put my laptop back with its original ram, HDD and DVD drive (I really don't want to do that). The function keys (Fn) is working on the keyboard. The feature keys that is in the same compartment as the speakers all failed to work, but the speakers are working. Although I cannot rule out hardware problem with the feature keys, I think it is more likely some audio software is switched off causing the problem. I am going to enable them all and find the culprit.
  3. Still can't find the culprit but a restore from system image do the trick. I just don't want to do image restore too often on SSD.
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