Raid 0 shows The space of both added together?

I have two Western Digital 150 gb 10,000rpm drives with a Raid 0 setup. From what I understand they are supposed to show up as one drive and only the capacity of one drive, but it shows up as one drive with the capacity of both. Is this correct? If not what should I do to correct this issue. I ran Sandra Pro 2006 to get the speed and it shows 140 mb/s wich should be about the right speed with both of them together because I tested one by itself befor I raided it and it was about 70 mb/s. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. yes, with raid 0 you get double drive capacity, it writes bits and pieces of data on each drive at the same time (striping), making it faster.

    raid 1 would have only single drive capacity since the same data is written on both drives (mirroring).
  2. Check out the descriptions of the different sorts of RAID. RAID 0, unlike the other types, gives you NO protection against drive failures. It is purely a throughput-enhancing tool. Perhaps you were intending to set up a RAID 1 instead?
  3. No I really don't care about backing it up because I have all the important information that I need backed up on another drive. All I really wanted to Raid them for was speed. So, is Raid 0 the correct Raid array for that? Does it sound like it setup correctly? Thanks for the reply.
  4. for speed, raid 0 is the one you want, and yes its correct.
  5. Mmmmmmm almost 2x speed...

  6. Quote:
    ...All I really wanted to Raid them for was speed. ...

    What kind of speed? RAID 0 will have roughly 2x the *throughput*, but will have worse *latency* than a single drive.
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