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Hi there could anyone hepl me please.I going to buy the internet off a farmer 3oo yards away as we cannot get bt broadband where we live. What i was planning is to use a yaggy to recieve it down to a eithernet bridge and then to a wireless router. The reason im not going to an access point is that i want to use a laptop anywhere in the house will this work would i be able to use my laptop wireless in the house. Cheers Dannio :)
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  1. Quote:
    I going to buy the internet off a farmer

    HAHAHAHAHA,.....why is that so funny?
  2. haha you're harsh.. haha
  3. Well since its a farm i presume you have line of sight communication with the place where you have a internet connection.

    Look at

    They have wireless links upto 50KM!
    That is one expensive alternative..
    The Other my friend is

    Run Cat 5e / CAT 6 cable with a switch / hub in between!

  4. You can 'share' your internet pretty easily, but it's not cheap. You need to separate your link into two parts. First is the point to point link. There are products like this that are specically designed to do exactly what you want.

    Once you install a point to point link, you then have a simple RJ45 cable that you can connect directly to a laptop, or into a wireless AP or router.

    Hope that helps.
  5. i ask you plz want to add wierless in my laptop
    my e-mail is
  6. mohsen said:
    i ask you plz want to add wierless in my laptop
    my e-mail is

    Mohsen -- you need to post this as a fresh thread if you want a response.

    Meanwhile if you already have a wireless router and simply want to access it from your laptop you have a choice of a USB wireless adapter or a PCMCIA Wireless adapter. PCMCIA slots into the receptacle on the side of the laptop.
    Personally I prefer PCMCIA.

    As I say, if you want to reply do so via a new thread -- the thread you have added your post to is on a totally different subject.
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