X1600 Pro AGP Has just stopped working.

About 4 months ago my NV4600 began to die so I got a X1600 to replace it. Well today it just stopped sending a signal to my monitor or any monitor for that matter, nothing was added to the system nothing done to it. Just basicly when ever I start the PC with that card in monitor just says no signal, the PC dosnt beep it just hangs with the fan on the card blazing. I tried unpluging the fan on my CPU and video card to see if it was a power problem but nothing. I tried reseating the card tons of times nothing. Only luck I had was I left it alone for an hour and it booted the monitor got a signal and it got to windows I restarted it and again nothing... So kinda at a loss any help would be greatly welcome, I have my RMA info ready just incase.

Information on the PC.

17-inch IDE Cable for Ultra/66 Ultra/100 R0 [Part #8004683] Support Docs
Belkin 1394 cable [Part #8005117] Support Docs
Belkin 1394 Cable [Part #8005116] Support Docs
CBL FDD R0 [Part #8004685] Support Docs
CD-ROM Cable R0 [Part #8004682] Support Docs

Cases and Case Hardware

Aegis Desktop Tower Case R0 [Part #3501242] Support Docs

IEEE 1394 Assembly [Part #8006045] Support Docs

CD-ROM, CD-RW or CR-RW Drives - Find Upgrades

HLDS 40X/12X/48X IDE CD-RW Drive [Part #5502328] Support Docs

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Intel (Lexington 2) Motherboard 2.53-GHz P4 [Part #2516017] Support Docs

Power Supplies

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Sound Cards

Sound Blaster Audigy Audio with IEEE 1394 Sound Card [Part #6002172] Support Docs


Boston Acoustics BA7800 Analog Speaker System [Part #7003229] Support Docs

Old Video Card

NVIDIA NV25 GeForce4 Ti 4600G 128-MB AGP Graphics Card R3 [Part #6002246]

New Video Card ATI Radeon X1600 Pro AGP 8x/4x 512 MB DDR2"
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  1. best idea is to probably see if you can find another agp card and try to boot the computer with that one.. cause maybe your agp slot is dying on you... if it does boot then RMA the card cause its probably that causing problems.. if you try the different card and its still giving the no signal issue then it actually might be something else like your mobo starting to go bad.. if you have an overclock probably a good time to go back to stock... and theres always a faultly power supply... if you used the one that came with the case then thats always an issue.. just some early suggestions to test ..
  2. Tried my old 4600 it works in the system computer boots with it monitor does get a signal and picture the whole normal deal.

    When the X1600 is in it's fan runs but no signal and no boot.
  3. I am begining to believe my power supply went bad like said above :(
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