The tubing to the swiftech h2o apex ultra on a TT Armor case

I cannot seem to figure out where to put holes in the Thermaltake Armor for my swiftech h2o apex ultra kit.

The holes on the back look way too small to fit the tubing. I don't think you can cut in to those to expand them because it would end up merging(or worse) 2 of the holes in to one. Lets say, I did try that to a degree and would venture to say it's not the solution.

I've found a zillion people ranting and raving about their TA case w/ this cooling kit yet none seem to of addressed this issue what-so-ever.

If this should be posted elsewhere, my apologizes.
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  1. What is wrong with the PCI passthrough slot?

    Chuckshissle's rig in a pic below:
  2. Quote:
    What is wrong with the PCI passthrough slot?

    Chuckshissle's rig in a pic below:

    The latest "revision" of their kit does not include the metal tubes you use in that setup, only the PCI card (for fan wires) due to the new tubing being 7/8 as opposed to the previous size they used. It would not fit through the PCI slot, swiftech even states that on their own page.

    You have to either drill holes (I'm fine with this, but with the armor taking the spot most everyone drills in and putting too small of holes there[my guess is for TT's OWN liquid cooling kits...]) I'm at a loss on where to drill. I can only guess the upper fan grill but I don't really feel like whacking the case even more if it's not going to work there. I'd try internal mounting, but swiftech offers no documentation on that, or guidelines, and from what I've seen it takes a bit of moding the front to do that, probably more than my knowledge.
  3. You don't have to do a lot of modding in order the put the rad plus fans inside. I did it with 2 L brackets from home depot by drilling holes into the brackets to line up with the fan holes on the rad and the hdd holes on the case. I have the swiftech MCR220 rad with 4 fans in push/pull and it fits very nice.

    See the picture, you can't see the rad/fans very well except for the leds on the fans.

    Here is a picture of the rad only, in place.

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