Tomsgames videos won't open anymore

For some reason, my laptop has stopped being able to even open the TomsGames videos. Doesn't matter if I use IE7 or Firefox. With or without Symantec Endpoint Protection enabled. All videos from other sites work fine. I have removed/reinstalled flash, shockwave and quicktime in the hopes that doing so will correct the problem.

Anyone got any ideas? Am I correct in thinking the videos are in flash?

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  1. Hi Stromm,

    Sorry you are having trouble. Yes, the videos are in Flash. A few users have had problems because of ad blocker software they were using. The videos seem to be loading fine on a few tests, so hopefully it is a temporary issue.

  2. Hmm, I know it's got to be something on my laptop. I just can't figure it out :(. I'll try uninstalling Sym Endpt and see if that works, then reinstall. I'm not running any ad-blocks, but I do have an extensive hosts. file.

    Makes me wonder if the domain needed for running the vids is in there and pointing to Any idea what name I should look for?
  3. I have got the same problem. No video shows up. On a newly installed Xp I have tried Ie6, Opera, firefox and (the upgrade to) Ie7. Disabled the adblocker in Ie7pro. Lowered all security and privacy settings. Nothing works.
    And, like stromm, all other videos works from other sites.
  4. Never mind. The windows install was corrupt. A reinstallation fixed it.
  5. I've experienced the same problem. I searched my hosts file for anything with toms in it and removed it. Then I restarted my browser (Opera) and they work again.

    I really don't wish to cut out all of the ads at tomshardware and related sites, but I'm so irritated by flashing nonsense distracting me while I'm trying to read an article. And I'm not about to subject myself to commercials so that I can watch a game trailer through flash that I could download and fullscreen at a higher quality elsewhere.

    If the video still doesn't display, click on it and see where it tries to send you so that you know what to remove from your hosts.
  6. I have tried this on 3 different PCs. Work, home, and laptop....All couldnt be corrupt and none are running adblock. Are there any other suggestions?
  7. Yep, can't watch any of the videos any more either. Tried them on 4 of the 8 computers here at the house and gave up. Something happened a week ago that caused this. I noticed a Microsoft patch for XP around the same time. Related?
  8. I dont think its a MS patch issue...I have gone through and removed all the patches since December without any any luck.
  9. After having the same problem on two pc's with IE7 I've found a workaround.

    When the page is loading you will for an instant see the flash video playing and play controls before the player window turns black. (The use of the refresh button gives you more playback time for some reason)

    Press the stop key in the IE browser before the player turns black and the video will play as usual.
  10. Thanks for that... it works when i follow that suggestion. I hope this is an issue that can be fixed soon.
  11. wow it says 'false' on the black player screen, not very visible though, black text on black background but painting it with the cursor turns it white.

    this site is messed up....

    edit: yay, thanks pc-cola for the tip, it works :D
  12. Is this tom's games specific, or does this affect the videos on tomshardware and tomsguide as well?
  13. tom's hardware and tom's games videos have this problem, while tom's guide does not. It seems that the flash ads are conflicting with the flash player.
  14. Alright. There is an IE/Javascript issue that we're looking into. Thanks for the assistance in finding this.
  15. Works for me now.

  16. Works fine in Firefox, but doesn't show the video window at all in Opera ?
  17. Double checked opera. Opera 9.26 +Flash 9 and Flash 8. Can't reproduce the error.

    Mac users might be seeing something related to the "ESPN error", but so far, everthing looks ok on this end.
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