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Hello everyone, I have a question. I have the pentium d 805 dual core with an asus p5vdc-x motherboard and 512x2 centon ddr2-667 memory running in dual channel. I have the system running very stable at 3ghz and this is about all I can get without the sytem crashing. Can I do any adjustments to memory timing, etc. to get more out of it? I do not know the proper memory timings that I need and so forth. Thanks for the help! :)
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  1. Im guessing that its either your motherboard or you ram. I have a gigabyte GA-965p-s3 and A-DATA DDR2 800 and i can get to 3.8 ghz just fine. My friend across the street has a ASUS mobo and he cannot get past 3.0 ghz either.

    Just a thought
  2. Have you tried upping the voltage on the cpu by the smallest increment and trying for over 3ghz?
  3. I would but I cannot adjust the voltage as the bios does not have that option.
  4. I don't know, but I wish I knew. I really dont need anything faster, it's just fun to mess with.
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