Run Time Errors while browsing web pages

I can't get to some web pages due to runtime errors, i.e. : A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line: 289 Error: object expected.

If I click on yes, I get a box with a listing headed: possible debuggers. Listed in this box is the following: "New instance of Visual Studio .NET 2003" (with the option of setting it as the currrently selected debugger default.)

Do you want to debug using the selected debugger?
If I answer YES, I get: A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line: 444 Error: Object expected

I have NO Idea how to begin to address this problem since the error is coming from a web page, and since I'm not familiar anyways with runtime errors.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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  1. If using IE, open Tools/ Internet Options/Advanced - and under 'Browsing' , check 'Disable Script Debugging'.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that!
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