Linksys BEFW11S4 4.0 Wireless B Router Problems

Hi everyone, first post alert!

Okay, my missus has a Linksys BEFW11S4 4.0 Wireless B Broadband router with a Telewest Blueyonder 2MB connection. She has one wired PC (this connects to the web perfectly) and a Tiny Laptop (Don't have it with me at time of posting but it's an A643000, 512Mb RAM, 40Gb HDD)

I configured this set up almost a year ago and just after Christmas I thought it was time to give the laptop a format. Now I've installed WinXP with SP2 and installed all the updates before I've even attempted to configure the wifi settings.

Now when I've come back to sort it all out - the laptop cannot see the SSID - even though the router is set to broadcast and SSID is on.

I removed the Wifi card and reinstalled it with the latest drivers to no avail. I then tried another Acer laptop on it - same issue. I have tried specifying IP addresses (eg, & Sub all with the same result.

I did upgrade the Routers firmware to the latest version - again. Same issue.

Has anyone any advice for me? I know the Router isn't the very best and I still think it's in warranty - but would like to see what you guys have to say before I go moaning at Amazon.

Thanks in advance


(Apologies for length and posting in the wrong location, you wouldn't think I'm a moderator on another forum heh)
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  1. Try connecting the laptop via cable to the router. Does this work ?
    This will show you whether the wifi is to blame or the router ...
  2. As I said before, there is one computer connected via cable to the router without any issues. It's purely the wifi.
  3. I was asking what happens if you connect the laptop via cable instead of wifi ? The laptop should have an onboard LAN connection ....
  4. The 4 ports on the router aren't causing any issues at all. Each of them works with the Acer Laptop, the Tiny Laptop and a desktop machine.

    Also, the Tiny PC has been used on another wired network and obtained itself an IP automatically without any hiccups.
  5. ahhh ... ok. I just wanted to make sure you had tried that :oops:

    Try installing Netstumbler on the laptop and see if it can find your network ...

    Netstumbler download
  6. Cheers for that link. I'll try that tomorrow and get back to you.
  7. I have experienced the exactly same problem recently. I have a linksys befw11s4 ver. 2. Hardwired works fine, but I cannot see the wireless network on my 2 laptops. I have tried hard reset and updated firmware with no luck. I download net stumbler as suggested and cannot see my ssid. Any other suggestions? Tempus84--did that work for you?
  8. Are you doing any mac filtering?

    When you rt click on the port> status what does it say.

    You can still add a connection if you know the SSID weather it is broadcased or not.
  9. no mac filtering...i reset the wireless router and by default it does not do mac filtering

    where do I find port> status?

    I realize that you can manually setup an SSID without broadcasting it, however, I should be able to see it via Netstumbler whether I am broadcasting or not. I figure since it cannot see it, manual configuration woudl not make a difference.

    It seems the wireless signal is not working

    appreciate the help
  10. Ports are under Network connections.

    NetStumbler may take up to 10 min to find all networks if it is compatable with your wireless card.

    Since the linksys is not showing up, drop all security on the router and make sure it (wireless) is not turned off. Make sure you don't have a cordless phone in the area, they gave havac on the older systems.

    When you find the port status, it will say connected or not and weather it is firewalled. If firewalled check to make sure it is not blocking your subnet.

    If you are consern about other in your area when you drop the security, disconnect the wan port. It would at least keep someone from using your connection.
  11. My bad, I thought you were talking about port status on wireless router.

    Port status on laptop is not firewall on that port. It is turned off.

    Running net stumbler immediately picks up 3 weak 2wire SSIDs. They are in the -84 to -75 range.
  12. If you have tried a hard reset on the router and no go.

    I would say you have lossed the wireless. About time for a upgrade.

    I run a seperate USR AP , and a Netgear 8 port VPM Router. Personally I would stay away from 11n. Find out what chip set is in you NB wireless. Then find a AP/Router using the same chip for bets performace.
  13. Well I've had the same problem with my laptop. To tell you the truth, you should go to a store and buy a wireless a/g/n router. Any of them will work because I've had a B router for like 7 years its been working great buy some laptop have trouble functioning to them. So my best suggestion is for you to go get a different type of router like a, g or n. G I think is the cheapest so go for that.
  14. This might seem like the obvious but I've seen this happen dozens of times.
    "My laptop doesn't see my wireless router!" when all along the wireless on the laptop is not actually turned on.

    Does the laptop have a way to toggle the wireless device on and off?
    Most laptops do. Either a switch or a button or a combination of an special Fn key plus a function key.
    Is it turned on?

    Matilda Gerow
  15. Makes no sense blue68f100 because these routers have fine wireless connectivity when the router is unlocked, but soon as a WEP key 64 or 128 bit, it shits the bed. Not only that but after you try to apply WEP both the named, secured router shows up and also the exact same router (named as 'linksys' in default settings [that you of course cannot connect to]). The final roadblock is that the newly named, secured router's WEP key is not valid.
  16. I also think that linksys and its support is totally to blame! Don't buy anything linksys. Another friend of course had this same issue and sure enough as soon as they gave in to "purchasing additional support" the support team took over the PC via net and fixed the issue within minutes. Why not tell everyone how to fix this issue... lemme guess... bad economy, need to maintain sales or some other poor corporate excuse.
    Corporate companies are not neccesarily our friends because they sell us technology.
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