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I'm looking for a new mid tower case. The case has to be quiet, and have extra features like the Antec P160 which has the usb,audio, firewire connections in front of the case and on top. Which I really like! It also has an led display for temperatures! Are there cases out there with similar features?
Is there a company that sells electronic gadgets or accessories for modifying a computer. Please give your opinion on the Antec P160 or any other case you recommend I look at. Priced around $100 or so.
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    I'd choose this case over the P160...

    The price has been varying since its a new entry... But it should hover just above 100 after a while.

    Also, if you want things to modify or add on to your case, I would recommend:

    more specifically:

    which has a nice selection of add-on's for your computer.

    They're cheaper than most other places and have a good reliability rating. Check them out.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll check these sites out.
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