Best Gaming Builds: ?

Hi Toms Hardware,

Although articles on individual CPUs and GPUs are great, in my humble opinion, building a computer is becoming a nightmare.

I patiently wait for you guys to come up with something like:

Best gaming Build for ~250€: ...
Best gaming Build for ~500€: ...
Best gaming Build for ~750€: ...
Best gaming Build for ~1000€: ...

I know there is lots of factors involved in deciding what is best and what is not, and even in deciding how to set prices for each component but if it is hard for you, the professionals, imagine what it should be for someone that does not have enough information or resources to test several builds and check what is best. :)

Best Regards.
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  1. they did do something like that a couple months ago, budget build, medium build and crazy build for performance/cost comparison. I imagine because of the costs (not just $, but time) involved they don't do those too often.
  2. We did that. It was called the system builder marathon.

    Everyone seemed to like it enough that we're probably going to do it again.

    Not right this second though. Nvidia's out with their 9XXX series almost as we speak, and ATI will follow shortly.

    Maybe a video, showing exactly what an extra 250 euros means in terms of performance.
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