Wireless Network Trouble, Please Help!!!

Hey everyone, Sorry for the newb question... I already tried looking for an answer to this, but I couldn't find any help.
Here's the situation:
I have a Notebook with wireless PC card (802.11B),
I have a desktop with an ethernet card
and I have a D-Link Wireless Router Di614+ (802.11B)

I'm trying to share my cable net connection with the two systems and network the two, so that i can share files and printers.
I'm completely new to networking anything so if someone could please explain to me what to do, that would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. create and workgroup,(mshome,home,@home) depending on os it will be in (my computer) and will be using networkplaces for xp, or networkneighborhood for 98, if win 98 setup file printer sharing, if xp right click ON C: Drive, sharing follow directions,

    the same with win 98, right click then go sharing
  2. did you, or did you not read the router manual?

    if not, read it, if yes, read it again.

    if that will not help, search for network setup on the interenette, ther are TONZ of informationz which will help you much more better than our poorly spelled suggestionz ;)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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