Tower case on floor or on desk?

As I shop for tower cases I notice a lot of systems that put the USB and sound ports on the bottom of the case. I always thought most towers were kept on the floor and wondered what kind of idiot designer would make everyone bend down to reach the ports, but now I wonder. What about the rest of you? :?:

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  1. Quote:
    As I shop for tower cases I notice a lot of systems that put the USB and sound ports on the bottom of the case.

    That's why I bought the Cooler Master Centurion 532 case, the ports and buttons are on top.
  2. And that's why I'm thinking about the Antec P160.

    Yet with a dozen votes so far (boy folks, that was quick!), the current tally has 2/3 of respondents with the towers on their desks! Who'd have thunk it...

    I'd like to see a few dozen more votes before I call it a done deal but so far it's still a shock.

  3. I think it depends a lot on the size of case as well. Most server/full size cases have them on top. Most midsize/SFF cases on the bottom (I think it's cheaper and easier to have them on the bottom as the USB/Firewire headers are at the bottom of the motherboard).
  4. i always have it on the floor right next to the desk (obviously!!). I don't want to lose the free space of my desk by putting my tower up there. I really don't see the point in that.
  5. Well if you didn't have such a girly-man sized desk j/k then you could put your case on the desk and still have room.

    It's not good to have a CPU on the floor, they suck up more dust and crap.
  6. Quote:
    i always have it on the floor right next to the desk (obviously!!). I don't want to lose the free space of my desk by putting my tower up there. I really don't see the point in that.

    Some of us pay premium dollar for our Nice cases, and we also like to keep them dust free. Putting a $230 case (Kandalf) on the floor is not something I will do because of the dust that our feet move around every day (which is realy really bad for a computer).

    Also computers trapt under a desk in a corner or inside a cabinet provides horrible ventilation and easily knock off a year or 2 of your pc's overall lifetime.

    Another one of the main reasons why a computer belongs on the desk to the right is because a lot of the nicer cases on the market have clear windows on the left panel and we like to look inside and admire our own peices of work. It's also great to show people who are used to seeing the typical boring shapeless box type computers with no aesthetics.

    If ever you have gone to a lan party you will know that everyone likes to show off their rigs. Everyone walks around and checks eachother beasts out, thats the way it is.

    The only times a computer belongs to be on the floor:
    1) Your absolutely ashamed to have it because it sucks.
    2) It's just a "dedicated game and ts/ventrilo server" computer.
    3) You didn't build it.
    4) Your grandmother plays solitare on it.
  7. hahhahaha!! Well I am not ashamed of it. But I have my printer/scanner + huge cd case on my desk and I simply don't have that much space left on my desk. I am aware of the dust collecting, that is a valid point, so I installed some fan filters on the intakes. Another reason that I don't want it on my desk (which is right opposite to my bed) is because the pc is on 24/7 and has led fans etc, I can't sleep because of the light. If i have it on the floor the desk hides it (well kinda but enough) so the led lights don't bother me while sleeping.

    At the end it's down to personal taste.
  8. I hhave mine on top and to the right of the monitor for 3 reasons.

    1. My desk is enclosed underneath on 3 sides. Heat build up is a real problem.
    2. My intake for the front fans are on the bottom of the front bezel. I don't want the capet interfering with the air flow.
    3. My carpet can gather static. I don't like that around my machine so I try to keep it off the carpet.
  9. When your in a dorm room... and you need to study... and the desk they give you is the same size as the one kindergartners use... then floor is pretty much the only place left...

    Actually, my desk next year should be better, but a lot of the dorms around my school have a book rack pretty damn low, you'd be pressed to get a mid-tower in there, much less a full tower.

    My friend had to cut the legs off his CRT in order to fit it under there... you never heard so much screaming...
  10. Ha.

    Those are juvenile reasons.
  11. Quote:

    Those are juvenile reasons.

    Not at all, here is the way I see it:

    If you build/buy a nice expensive computer, you'll want it to be taken care of so you'll put it on a desk away from the harsh dusty floors.
    If you build/buy a cheap computer that you don't really care too much about, you'll put it on the floor.


    If you buy yourself a Ferrari, you'll want it to be taken care of so you'll put it in a garage away from the harsh environment.
    If you buy yourself a Honda that obviosly isn't that nice of a car, you'll park it on the curb or in the driveway.
  12. haha, dude above's me got a point... especially with the car, but then again, I put my cars in the garage so they don't get jacked in the middle of the night...

    Either way, there is nothing wrong about putting your case on the floor, its just not optimal position. But in some cases thats all thats left, no choice in the matter...
  13. Quote:
    But in some cases thats all thats left, no choice in the matter...

    Yeah, I can understand that.

    If you simply just dont have the room to put it on the desk, that completely understandable.
    That's kinda similar to having a garage filled with storage stuff and not being able to put the car in the garage.

    So in that case it's ok

    But if you have plenty of room on your desk and your computer is not on it...
    That's kinda similar to having an empty garage, yet your still parking your car in the driveway or on the curb.

    Then it's not ok. (imo)
  14. ceiling
  15. I was expecting someone to say something silly..
  16. Should I also have listed options for wall shelves?

    And shouldn't your nick be "Spiderman"?
  17. or batman? (bats hanging upside down?) ok I think everybody gets it now.....
    (crawls back to his cave)
  18. Quote:

    It's not good to have a CPU on the floor, they suck up more dust and crap.

    2 things:

    1. I don't think anyone would put a Processor on the floor
    2. I didn't know processors created a vacumn?

    Now, I strongly suggest against putting a PC on carpet as that can stop up the front intakes on many towers. Especially OEMs, they need all the help they can get as they are usually only cooled by th PSU fan...
  19. I have 2 usb ports on my keyboard, that helps as well as 2 on my monitor.
    I also have the antec p180 case with 2 usb ports in the front.

    my biggest concern is teh dust though... my wife's machine is on the floor and it get's a lot of dust compared to mine. now that i have dust filters all i get is very small dust particles that are easy to blow out.
  20. At the moment with three dozen votes in we have the following tally:

    Floor 38%
    Desk right 38%
    Desk left 8%
    Floor+desk 8%
    Cart 5%

    The topic is only a few hours old and already I've seen a lot of very useful commentary and controversy. I think I now have enough information to make a few generalizations and draw a conclusion or two.

    Most of the folks here are typically gear whores, and since not many desktop cases can fit, much less cool, three or more HDs, OC'd CPU, etc., those folks are more likely to have some sort of tower. The case choice at this level is driven by sheer necessity.

    Likewise, many folks here are part of what I'll simply refer to as the Lucite(tm) crowd. I think 3lfk1ng's post highlights this pretty well. He paid Big Money for that Kandalf case - it even has a cup holder, no $#!+. The call it an accessory box but I know better. Perfect size for Coca-Cola, a pack of papers 'n a lighter. The only thing missing is a willy pump. Or a hookah. So of course he wants it in clear sight where errant Nikes won't scratch the 'glass and guests can bask awe-struck in the glow. In retrospect this is a "no-brainer". I feel silly for not having realized it before.

    Notice how most desk-bound towers are on the right side. That's either because most folks are right handed, or because the 'glass sidecover is on the left. The latter is clearly the most likely in this crowd.

    I'm pretty sure that of the voting contributors, those who list their hardware in their signature have a case with a 'glass sidecover, on their desk, on the right side. :D

    Of course everyone's different. My desk is a work surface. I've never been to a LAN party. (OK, maybe that HREF was unnecessarily mean, I'm sorry). I have about a dozen computers right now but none were built for the purpose of marvelling in their aesthetic beauty. If I want to marvel at beauty I have a delightful wife AND a huge collection of, um, files from a.b.m.e (I wonder how many folks here would need to look up that reference). So my case choices where applicable are driven almost entirely by utility. But hey, that's just me. So most of the systems stay on the floor except for an old Sun desktop on a rolling file cabinet, a few laptops scattered about and a couple of G3 iMacs that I use to punish house guests with a limited attention span. A 2200VA UPS (cryin' for mercy) and 8-port KVM switch are behind the desk outta sight, 16-port Gig-E switch hangs under the desk outta sight. Cables all neatly bundled in inexpensive under-desk cable trays (thanks Ikea). Neat, maintainable and, well, business-like.

    A final word or hundred about floors, dust and static, and heat buildup...

    Dust is everywhere. It just happens to settle on floors because they're the most prevalent flat surfaces and that's where gravity points. The solution is to use a dust mop or vacuum cleaner now and then. If you've locked your mother out of your room, borrow the stuff from her. But learn CPR first so you can rescue her from the inevitable coronary arrest. For those few of you who are married, warn your wife not to bump the cases too hard. :wink: As for the remaining dust, use a case with washable filters.

    And folks, don't forget PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Now and then you should unplug the power, open the cases and carefully vacuum a bit. Use compressed air to loosen up dust that a detailing nozzle can't reach. Even small amounts of dust can cause electrical gremlins that, in a computer, can translate to data processing errors that you might otherwise blame on bad memory, excessive overclocking, etc.

    Here's another tip for towers on carpeted floors - go to the hardware store and buy four casters. Five or six if you're a twisted maniac with a pedestal case. Replace the plastic or rubber feet with the casters. Now the carpet fibers can't interfere with the small intake slots on the bottom of your case. And a nice set of casters is surely worth a few bling points, no?

    Static too is everywhere, mostly on YOU. And while carpets make it worse, hard floors don't get rid of the problem altogether. Now, equipment on the floor is essentially grounded, which is a helpful thing. Actually all the equipment should already be pretty well grounded but the real risk is in the ground paths. And those include absolutely everything connected to your computer. So if you're that worried about static you're going to have a hard time giving all the avenues suitable, safe dissipation paths. If you can go completely Bluetooth you have a chance.

    The heat buildup is a definite problem I'll admit. I'm actually considering running some relatively narrow clothes drier -type ductwork under the desks and routing it to the window nearby with a quiet exhaust fan there. For now, a very quiet oscillating fan opposite the side of the room where all the goodies are, actually solves the problem completely. But I'm tired of kicking it accidentally.

  21. Quote:
    When your in a dorm room... and you need to study... and the desk they give you is the same size as the one kindergartners use... then floor is pretty much the only place left...

    Well, my desk manages to fit my tower, monitor, and stuff on it, with a decent amount of space. And my room is a tiny POS!

    And there's no way I'd be able to fit my tower under my desk. But then, I got a Lian Li, so even if I could fit the tower under my desk, why would I? :lol:
  22. Meh, guess your dorm is better than mine, but like I said, the one next year should be fine...

    But I was planning on dual monitiors (22" widescreen and 17" regular), a laptop running also (guides, walkthroughs, AIM, while I also game...) and then my reciever for my 5.1 sound system...

    Oh yeah, not to mention the floor under my desk is taken by my sub... not the standard small sub, but the 250W sub for my THX sound system...

    Hmmmm... books... where should I put my textbooks... man oh man...
  23. Never, I repeat, never place your computer on the floor :D

    The floor is where all kinds of dirt and dust accumulate and your fans will suck that up and it will end up inside your computer and all over your components. Dust will insulate your components, causing them to overheat and shorten their lifespan.

    If you plan on dusting quite often, then go ahead and place your case on the floor.

    If you have carpet, you are taking even more of a chance with static electricity.


    I guess I should have read all the posts above as bberson says it quite well.
  24. Quote:
    I think 3lfk1ng has said it all. Too many people don't take dust into consideratiopn.

    Y, thank you mpilch for your support. :)
  25. On my table (desk) to the right(for me...left for my girl lans it is reversed...) of the screen
    i dont want it to suck sooooo much dust......and my dog may eat never know.....

    I saw a mention to a teamspeak server :) mine is on a shelve in an old P133 case 8)
  26. I put my computer on the floor even though I have space on top of my desk.

    Here are my reasons:

    1) I own a crappy dell and I want it to die quickly so I will have an excuse to build a new PC :twisted:
    2) I don’t want to look at my computer (see above)
    3) I can rest my legs on my case while I surf the net
    4) Computer doubles as a foot warmer (Running a P4 processor)
    5) I can hear it fine where it's at (Computer runs loud)

    I will probably put the PC I will soon build on top of my desk.
  27. I have both on and under desk. At home, with desk space being limited, I have two machines on the floor - one to the right, one to the left. I had to get all the fans in one replaced recently due to them dying mostly because of dust build up (it's an old Athlon 1.4GHz).

    My work machine is on my desk. Partly because it is cooler (because of the way that the sun streams in through the windows), partly because of dust, but mostly to save it from getting it kicked/hit from my chair or other people sitting on my desk and swinging their legs (which often hit the power button).
  28. Quote:
    I think 3lfk1ng has said it all. Too many people don't take dust into consideratiopn. I can't tell you how many systems i've worked on that have had a tune of dust in them. The worst cases are ones where people smoke around there PC. Dust buildup can lead to many problem. Reduction in ari flow, and soft shorts. This can lead to parts failing or random system problems.

    That's why I use filters and clean my PC every 12 - 18 months.
  29. I try to keep my system close to the floor. Cool air sinks so your pc will stay cooler on the floor. :wink:
  30. Six years on the floor...still working fine

    I only built a new one cause the old one is 6 years old.....
  31. Well I put it mine on the floor. The built in dust filters help keep some dust out, but I open it up and use concentrated air every 3 months. Honestly, I don't believe that the position of the tower makes much difference, as long as you do the right things to maintain the components, dust never becomes a factor. Acting like a floor-placed case instantaneously shortens the PC's lifespan is just ignorant. I'm not calling anyone out, but so far this thread has been just a bashfest againt floor towers.
  32. Quote: far this thread has been just a bashfest againt floor towers.

    Geez, wait until I tell 'em about the desktop I keep on its side on the floor of my office. Then again, it's only a Dell...

    At the moment the poll numbers are neck and neck, evenly split between desk and floor, the remainder using both or using carts (or ceiling - haha).

    Seems to me like PCs collect a fair amount of dust no matter what. In 20+ years of this, I've seen some pretty horrible things, and I've learned the value of PM. No surprises really - turn on a couple of thousand watt lamps in any room and see what's floating around in the air. But sub-standard housekeeping and sticking the tower in a corner where foot traffic and air current patterns send all the dust bunnies, will surely make the problem worse.

  33. I practically stole my Ultra Aluminus last week from Fry's ($80 with $60 rebate). It's USB ports are located on a 5 1/4" drive bay thing (which can be converted to a 3 1/2"), so I keep it near the top in the 2nd bay. My desk isn't huge so I don't keep the PC on it; as it is, my desk has a case stand that projects out from one of the sides and sits about 6 inches above the floor. Keeps my desk free and prevents my case from sitting on the carpet... I love it.
  34. I have a beautiful wood hutch that does not have room for a tower on top with the monitor, so my tower goes on the "floor" to the left of my feet. While the floor in my home office is carpeted, I've placed a left over piece of pergo flooring on the carpet, then a tower cady over that. This at least allows air to circulate under the tower and to the right of it. I use some compressed air and a hand vacumn about one every two weeks to keep the dust bunnies away. Still there a good deal of heat build up and I would like to hear possible solutions for cooling under desk towers. Anyone?
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