is this a good deal on memory if not suggestions

is this a good deal on memory, if not suggestions?

i also found this memory corsair, higher cas 4 timings but at 1.9 volt wondering if id get the same cas with the 2.2 volt on that.

i do see ocz memory cheaper but ive heard alot of incompatibility issues, im going to be using the evga 680i motherboard so i want to use a widely compatable memory like crucial or corsair but open to reccomendations.

note ill be using e6600 oced 9x333 with 1-1 ratio on a 680i motherboard

thanks for your time.
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  1. Looks good to me. Even on the C2D benchmarking that in general showed DDR2-533 to give higher performance, the exception was DDR2-667 @CL3 timing, so I would run this at DDR2-667 no matter what kind of system you have (assuming you are not OCing).
  2. *claps at you* :trophy: Congratulations!
    You just found the cheapest Micron D9GMH in the market. But these modules seem to have a higher binning than the regular ones since they can do 400Mhz CL3, theyll run stock (since arent factory overclocked at all) at 1.8v~1.9v rock solid by the way. Easy youll be running these at 500+Mhz CL5 at the advertised voltage. Theres no reason to stop at 333Mhz FSB...

    Im not yet sure what Corsair is using under those platinum heatspreaders but w/e it is its not as good as the Crucial set, just by looking at the specs. Besides, the Crucial comes with a chocolate hehe

    Wait to see the Asus and DFI with the 680i chipset before you jump on the eVGA.
  3. im sure asus and dfi mbs are great but lifetime warranty i gota have, i keep my stuff along time got my own lan, basicly new comp each year and last years comp, year befores comp lol
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