What happened to my posts?!

I had various posts about building my new system-and they are all gone! Where could they be? I really need them; they are really helping me build my new PC!
Please help me as soon as you can :cry:
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  1. Bump! Please help!
  2. Where were these threads and posts. It's possible that a Moderator deleted them for a reason? What forum were they in?
  3. They were in all sorts of subcategories-one was in Systems-->Dell, and others in Homebuilt Systems-->New system build; but there were many scattered all over.

    I don't see a reason they'd be deleted :??:
  4. You should be able to find this, using the "See all my posts" feature. Are they not there?
  5. No, they aren't there :(

    They aren't in the places where I posted them either.
  6. Were they double posts? In other words, did you post the same question multiple times in different sections? That is generally frowned upon and may be why they are gone.
  7. Nope. Again, there is no reason that they should've been deleted... It's not so much my posts that I care about, but the threads that I made and what was contained within them-as it was really helping me in building my PC.
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