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I have an old LCD - Samsung SyncMaster 192N
It has no dvi inputs.

I just got a new video card - HIS X1900XT IceQ3 256MB.

The graphic uses for my computer are games. Am I missing out on much with this monitor? I don't mind getting a new one, but my girlfriend minds my getting a new one. So I need some hard data showing that I need a new monitor.
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  1. I use a DVI to VGA adapter on my 7800GT with my HP f70 and have had no problems what so ever. Unless you got some dead pixels or your monitor is working right then there really is no reason you need to get a new LCD.
  2. My LCD shipped with no DVI cable.
    So I bought one. I did see a slightly Crisper more defined image with more contrast, nothing amazing...

    I did notice that by staring at this background with eiter connector
    B&W high def pic
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