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Hi Everyone,

I am a long time reader of Tom's Hardware, but I am new to the forumz.

I have a question about PC parts in Taiwan. For anyone who has been there and seen computer parts, are they cheaper there than the US or Japan? I will be going to Taiwan next month and if the parts are really cheaper there (becuase a lot of stuff is manufactured there), I might pick up travel friendly parts like a CPU, RAM, hard drive, GPU and maybe even a motherboard.

I also live in Japan.

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  1. Thanks a bunch.
  2. Try Nova Marketplace, near the Taipei Train Station.
  3. Prices in Taiwan are cheaper than most US-based e-tailers. You might get steals if you are very good at haggling. However, you might have trouble if you have warranty claims.

    Since you are in Japan, go to Akihabara (just two stations away from Tokyo Station with the Keihin-Tohoku Line [light blue line]). You just have to look around. Prices there are definitely lower than in the US (at least when I was last there).
  4. I live in Taiwan, in Yuan-Lin actually which is about 40 mins to an hour from Taichung, like shinigamiX said, go to NOVA in Taipei or Taichung (not been to the one in Taipei), its pretty decent, you need to hunt around for the top end stuff but it is there. I find that typically, prices are 10-20% (at best) cheaper than the UK (where I'm from). I don't know how that translates to the USA or Canada though!

    P.S. As I've found in Taichung anyway, if its a legitimate shop, forget haggling, unless your spending a lot of money!

    Hope that helps, enjoy your trip!

  5. I doubt it'd be worth the extra trouble, not to mention would the settings even be in English? Either way, I'm on pretty friendly terms with some e-tailers here anyways so no need to pick up parts when I'm halfway across the world for probably a minimal discount in price and loads of trouble if it dies...

    When I go back to China, I spend my money on the worthwhile things... cheap food!!

    /Born in China
    //Taiwan needs to stop bitching about China
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  6. Hi, I was born and raised in Taiwan. Live here in the states now for 16 years. I was back in Taiwan this last Jan for Chinese New Year and again in June for a funeral. I was born in Hsinchu, about 45 minutes south of Taipei. There is a NOVA in Hsinchu and I can spend all day there. The prices are NOT cheaper in general. I lived in the Hsinchu Industrial Park (they have schools there for employees) that was funded and built by the government for manufacturering. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Kingston, and many more have plants inside the Industrial Park.

    The reason why products made in Taiwan are NOT cheaper than here in the states is because these manufacturers are not allowed to sell to local markets. The manufactureres have to sell to oversea markets and then the local retailers have to buy back from oversea companies to sell to the local economy - a bit of an irony but that's how it works and that's why prices are not cheaper. When I was in NOVA, I befriended a store manager and showed him newegg.com on many of the products that he sells versus what newegg.com sells. He was shocked to see the price similarities when we could litterally see the manufactuering plant from across the street!!

    Lucky for me, I was able to get discounts (70%+) on many parts and a couple of brand new laptops (Asus laptops are good, Toshibas, Acer, no Dells or any of the domestic (US) laptops....)

  7. True true... in China and Japan, cars cost a shit-ton more than they do here, a Camry over there probably costs a good 33-50% more... and Mercedes and such... hundreds of percents...

    Thats why, when I go back, I take advantage of what is really cheap... the food. There really isin't anything else thats really worth it... unless you like counterfeit goods which I really don't care about.
  8. I agree, partially. Police officers there drive BMW 5 series, no kidding. They need that because people drive fast cars because they can afford it. Granted, food is cheap and DAMN good. I know there is no reason to justify counterfeit goods but I do feel sorry for the businesses there because they are not able to obtain goods locally at a discount; rather, they have to compete with large, global corporations for the same goods but 100 times the buying power and of course, the local biz looses out. That doesn't mean counterfeiting is legal or morally right, but can you see the dilema that many of these Taiwanese businesses are in? It's either their own government or internal law that inadvertently forbids them from competeting by restricting local buying power to the local retailers.

  9. Wusy, I hope you're not upset at my post. It's not my intention to bring up politics that, apparently, caused someone to be pissed off. I think we're all trying to help the original poster answer his question.

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  12. Hi, yeah all the settings ARE in english, BIOS etc because as discussed in other posts its basically made for the international market. Prices in 3C are definately definately cheaper (generally but not always) than the UK, but the UK is notoriously expensive. And whoever said about the cars being more expensive is right, some new cars are not, (again this is comparing to rip off Britain) Mazda's are cheaper etc, but BM's and Mercs are insanely priced, and even second hand, I'm not joking, a second hand 525i (1995), UK - 500-700 quid (30-42,000 NT) I was offered the same in Taiwan for 350,000 NT, or almost 6,000 quid, rediculous, and even bangers are not cheap either!!, a little Kia Pride s--t box (branded as a ford over here) knackard, very old, 50 quid in the uk, almost 500 quid in Taiwan!!

    cheers matt
  13. 3C is a great place for stuff like games, DAPs, and other consumer electronics - I always go to GuangHwa - under the bridge - or NOVA for PC components(When I'm actually in Taiwan...).
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