AMD 'Fusion'

Not sure if this has already been posted, but at least it puts some official comment to the speculation.
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  1. i think it has, but i was forgotten it 8)

    so thanks for the info
  2. Are you sure that isn't AMD Fuschia?
  3. Fuschia is a shade of purple...

    AMD's color is green... ATI is red... Green + red = yellow...

    Nah, AMD Fuschia won't work.. sorry...
  4. How'd you get green+red=yellow?
  5. Quote:
    How'd you get green+red=yellow?

    Bloody vomit?
  6. Reflective color (like crayons or ink):
    Green + Red = Brown

    Transmitive color (light, like monitors, etc.):
    Green + Red = Yellow

    The difference is whether the person is used to working in web or print media.

    As to CPUs with graphics's an idea that should have been proposed well before now, especially with graphics becoming an even more important part of computing. AMD is poised to actually make a coup in this arena, considering they have a much more robust bus topology (HyperTransport) and can devote a lot more bandwidth to a graphics core (and even dedicate memory specifically to the graphics core) just by adding in taps dedicated for that purpose.

    You would see much better performance than what you currently see in the way of IGP products, not to mention the ability to upgrade not just the processor, but also graphics at some point in the future, just by replacing one part. I could see a lot of business potential in just this alone, especially as we see computers making more use of graphics cores (both in eye candy for operating systems and for high speed parallel processing).
  7. Thanks for that. I learn something new everyday. My only concern with stuffing a graphics core onto the processor die is the amount of heat it'll output.
  8. Why would it put out more heat than an additional regular CPU core?
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