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I was online today looking for a good price on a nVidia GX2. The best prices were on TigerDirect, CompUSA and The problem is, when I try to fill out their order form, it does not give me the option of shipping to Canada.

Now, surely if they can ship to Israel and the Cayman Islands, they can ship to Canada. Has anyone here bought from them, and if so, did you have any problems?

I would like to know, since they can save me about $60 on the price of the card. Thanx.
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  1. I work at a computer repair shop/computer store where we build and sell computers. And I've seen way to many custom built machines come in and the customer said they bought their parts from TigerDirect. I've also never had good luck with them. Too many parts I get I had to RMA.

    However, is a great place for Canadian buyers, since it's based in Canada.
  2. is by far the best online store for Canada, I consistently see the best deals there.
  3. <-- My personal favourite. I have also ordered from . and <-- Have heard good things about these 2 places.
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