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Windows 7 build 7057 network issues.

I have the following problem.

Cannot acces any web page with W7 installed. I use an ADSL modem for connection and a switch before the modem to connect my desktop and laptop. First I had problem with network adapter driver, but I managed to solve that. Now Windows states, that I'm actually connected to the internet but no page loads. Also when I try to ping for example Google it does not find the host. However I'm able to ping my notebook from the desktop and also the desktop from the notebook while connected to the switch. Try to turn off firewall, Set all setting (DNS, IP, etc.) manually, reset network adapter, use a different network addapter but nothing works.
Do any of you have any idea what could be the problem?
Thanks a lot.
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  1. I have a similar issue with Windows 7. Initial install connects to ADSL modem (wired), however once (various) programs are installed the connection is lost (on reboot). Not all programs cause this issue (AV, Office etc. don't), have a feeling that it's down to Adobe install (haven't had time to prove it yet). Unfortunately system restore doesn't cure the issue - only a fresh install of the OS does?

    Anyone out there have similar problems/know the solution?
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    open the network and sharing center from control panel, check that you have assigned the network as a home network, also recheck any security codes like wep are correct and you could also try running the diagnosis tool at the bottom of the page.

    @Marcus - avoid adobe reader - use foxit instead.

    well, as a last resort - theres always the new 7077 build out to play with.
  3. I had all kinds of networking problems with build 7057. I was unable to share any files off of the C: drive. Shares from other drives worked fine, but when I tried to share something from the C drive, I could never get to it from any other computer on my network. I ended up installing build 7068 and haven't had any problems since. I suggest that you reinstall with a different build.
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