Where did the user comments go under the headline stories??

I read Toms headlines or News briefs everyday. I used to enjoy reading the user comments associated with most stories. Where has this feature gone??? Im finding my experience much less enjoyable.
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  1. Agreed..... It was a great feature. I suppose they took it away, due to all the immature comments that were left, but so what! You get that anywhere lol, don't take away such a wonderful feature just because a few retards screw it up! >=,(
  2. seconded. I would love some of the banter on there... on top of that, sometimes people had some very useful information about the topic that wasn't covered in the story itself.
  3. Yeah I agree, I liked the comments... maybe it was a bit ridiculous though showing them under the articles like they were. I think they were removed for this reason, it didn't look professional sometimes because of some of the comments being made.
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