HDD(s) - Raptor for a new system.

I was thinking about getting Raptor as a main HDD but the main question is: Is it better to have one 150Gig Raptor or 2x74Gig Raptors in Stripe 0?

Another question: Having 2x74Gig Raptors what is the procedure with partition? Haven’t done that yet so really don’t know how Windows will see available space. I guess it will be single 148Gig and I can just use that simply to make partitions, let’s say 2 of them. Am I correct?

Last question: Can I connect another SATA HDD as an independent drive without putting it into a strip with other HDDs being used in stripe?

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  1. What are you trying to achieve? Raptors have low latency and so are good for random reads/writes. Going to RAID 0 will increase the throughput for sustained reads, but will increase the latency (because you have to wait for whichever drive is slowest).
  2. Quote:
    What are you trying to achieve?

    Maximum possible performance.
  3. What controller will you be using?
  4. most probably - --RAID controller integrated in the ICH7R Southbridge (asus motherboard)

    unless there is anything better instead.
  5. Probably get best overall performance from a single Raptor, then.

    You will get faster Sequential Transfer Rates from a pair in RAID 0, but the latency will be *higher* - just as Mondoman said. There is also a CPU overhead (though it's not very much, it *is* a couple of percent).

    It will be faster for certain games (which just stream data off the hard drive and don't do any work with it), and for content creation or HD video it will be faster. For everything else it will be slower - and that includes most games.

    Then you've got the added data insecurity, though I assume if you're going RAID 0 you'll have a proper backup solution... (hint, hint ;))

    ***edited 3/11/6 - thanks Mondoman!***
  6. Just a minor typo correction on the above post: latency will be *higher* (i.e. worse) on a RAID 0 than with the single drive.
  7. Yet only slightly higher... IE, 7.5ms for the 150 Raptor, and about 8.5 for the RAID0 74gig Raptors...
    not really noticeable...
  8. Unless you are crazy and notice 1ms :)
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