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I have a dual monitor setup, but Im getting quite annoyed by how the resolution on my secondary screen changes whenever I enter a game, and also how I have to completely alt tab out of the game to access the second screen. Are there any multiple monitor programs that allow maybe two independant desktops, one for each screen, that maybe you switch between with a key binding?

For some games I could see a real use for the 2nd monitor, but how things are working right now its basically useless (cant use it without alt tabbing, and some of the desktop icons and such of the primary monitor get shoved into it when the resolution change for the game takes place).

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  1. Play in windowed mode?
  2. The problem is games don't really suppot this feature. You usually have the ability to run in window mode, which will free the mouse up.
  3. I didn't think of windowed mode, I will have to try that and see how well it plays. Its not quite what I was hoping for, but it could be close...

    I could have sworn I heard about a program last summer (before I had dual monitors) that allowed for two independant desktops though... wish I could remember where I heard about it (I could have just been misinterpreting what the prog did, but still).
  4. It is not possible to play a game in full screen and access items on a second monitor without alt-tabbing (correct me if there is a program that allows this however).
    I have been using dual screens for a few years now and I have always had to alt tab out of games. The only annoying thing is for new games when I forget to force a game to use my primary monitors resolution 1280*1024 (well both of mine are that res). If a game tries to launch full screen at 800*600 or 1024*768 it really throws the second screens res all over the place and I end up with the right half of the primary monitor next to the left half of the second monitor, both displayed on the second monitor (so kinda out of phase if you get me).

    This also cocks up the layout of my desktop shortcuts which is a pain in the arse...

    You may also want to try a program called ultramon which gives you a task bar on your extra displays so that you can see for example if someone in your IM program has messaged you. Eg all my MSN windows open on my second display so that i can use my primary for games and IE/firefox.

    Right, Ive typed alot, i need a kip....
  5. yeah Ive noticed how if it changes the resolution it really messes with the secondary monitor, Ill have to try forcing it to the primary resolution to see how it works out. Ive also been using ultramon like you suggested, definitly a real help, especially that extra taskbar. Thanks for the tips
  6. Try deskspace by otaku software. This software allows multiple desktops. It's dope!
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