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All three lights turned ON as soon as i connect my HP Laser jet 1300 printer to my Laptop with OS Windows 7 and does not print anything. It is working well with Windows XP.
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  1. You can also install it through the devices and printers window under add printer tab!

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  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    i did try as per your suggestions but it did not work. when i disconnect my printer from usb port and try to print "self test page" it works well. but as soon as i connect it to any of the ports (usb) the lights on printer get ON and doesn't proceed further. I have also installed it manually through control panel.....! (the system is 64 bit Windows 7)
  3. i m facing the same problem.its better to formate window 7 and get vista or XP.
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