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Is there anyway to actually test how well your PSU is supporting your system? Its been 2 weeks with my new system and it doesnt seem to have any problems. If the PSU isnt strong enough for your system you would be able to notice this from the get go right?

Ultra V 500W PSU

+5V - 32A
+3.3V - 20A
+12V - 28A

Total Output Power:
500W (Full Load, Nominal Input Voltage)
70% Typical at Full Load and Nominal Input Voltage

E6300 1.86 (2.44)
2G Corsair XMS2 DDR2 675 (698)
eVGA 7900GTO (667/1600)
400G Seagate Sata HDD
Lite-On DVD/RW

() = OC Speeds

According this website http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp my computer running on 100% power uses less than 400W. So I guess what really want to know is, if Im not having any PS issues now does it mean that my PSU is supporting my computer just fine or there might be something going on in the background that I might have to be concerned about?

Thanks for your replies in advance.
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  1. Your computer is most likely fine. There are some programs that help monitor voltages, but they're nowhere as accurate as a real multimeter...

    Either way, i can believe that PSU supports your system fine and I can believe it will be stable for a while. Yes, if the PSU isin't strong enough, you'd be able to tell under load fairly quickly, but as for ripple voltages and whether the PSU will blow on you, that you can't tell until something dies. However, I doubt you should worry about it since thats rare and most often tied to an overstressed PSU...
  2. what exactly is a hangup?
  3. You have a very accurate but not very precise test running now. No crashes, boot issues or the like, you're fine.

    A voltmeter might tell you a little more.

    What you really need is an oscilliscope to measure ripple on your voltage rails. What you really really need is a digital storage scope to measure transient response. (This may be the ultimate flimsy excuse to expensive new tool ratio yet.)
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