Overclocking on a P5n32-SLI SE Deluxe

I´m trying to overclock my X6800 on a Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe because my dad reseted everything (thanks dad) and what´s worse i paid to overclock it at 3.2, i learned the basics and i´ve read the Core2duo overclocking guide from TGForumz now the problem is, i didn´t find the multiplier

My Specs

X6800 2.93
2.0gb ram Corsair DDR 2 XMS 2 (TWIN2x2048-6400)
Geforce 7950 GX
2 150gb Raptor HD 10000
Arctic Cooling 7 Pro
Termaltake VD-1000

This is what i´ve done so far, of course i turned some options off (Q-fan, Eist, etc)

Memory Timings (Manual)

Cas Latency: 5

tRCD: 5

tRP: 5

tRAS: 12

TRC: Auto

Adress Mode: Auto

Cpu Core Voltage....1.400v

FSB Termination Voltage...Auto (Is 1.4v recommended?)

Memory Voltage...2.2v

NB Chipset Voltage....Auto (What about this?)

SB Chipset Voltage....Auto (What about this?)

After this im stuck because there is no multiplier to be found, i found only two overclocking options under AI Overclocking (Set to manual)

FSB Clock MHZ: 1066

Memory Clock 800

And there are to ways to change this Manual or linked and after that you can change the values with +/- but in the guide this looks different

thanks in advance
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  1. The ram is set correctly nothing special there however address mode is usually T1 for that module. you can use T2 for more stability if you wish.

    NB and SB voltage as auto is fine because you dont get a lot of options 1.6v tops for NB. I have set mine to 1.5 the normal is 1.4. SB voltage dont matter that much. If you pump up the voltage of the NB make sure you put those little fans on it or have some decent air flow in your case as it gets quite hot.

    Never use the AI over clockin utility it dont give a good oc, and its just not stable.

    Use the manual settings.

    use the + and - keys to adjust the FSB
    first lower the RAM speed a bit 10 units or so...
    then clock up the FSB by units of 5-10.
    test for stability using prime and pump up the fsb if its stable

    This means that your oc is not in a 1:1 ratio but belive me your CPU will OC furthur than your ram....

    Also you will prb just get a mild oc.... considering the MB and the fact your on air...
  2. You cant link the CPU FSB to the memory in a 1:1 ratio because your CPU will OC as far as your RAM.

    So the mode must be "manual" not linked and change the figures of your FSB with the + or - keys and change the figures of your ram (lower it if you have to)

    You have to play around untill you find what is stable for your setup.

    Do not use the AI overclocking utility it sucks and gives an unstable OC that will always crash in windows.

    The NB and SB voltage should just be set to auto... I would only play with the NB voltage if you cant find a stable OC. SB voltage is not as important.

    Your RAM is decent stuff and is rated at with a T1 address mode
    (If you set your ram to auto that is what you will get anyway) I wouldnt play with the timings untill you get a stable FSB OC.

    I dont know how far you are going to go with an Arctic Cooling 7.
  3. I have the same alienware computer with 4GB Ram. I am a newbie and looking to overclock. Can someone help me out?

    Please write a table for all the things i'm suppost to change. Thanks!!
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