New computer I was looking to build.. place your remarks!!!

hey all, this is a new system that i am considering building. it's posted up on newegg. please place your remarks and critiques :) thanks


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  1. cool, thank you for the reply :) what do you think about the psu? i'm kinda foggy on which way to go for that option
  2. ty ty
  3. You much have a lot of money to spend. (Can you send some to me?)

    Also, If you want to go CF, you need both to be X1950XTX or X1950. One CF edition. Why buy those cards now?

    Also, wait for Quads if you are going for the Extreme.
  4. thanks for the reply :)
    well i guess i could wait for d10 cards but it seems like someone is always waiting for something newer. gotta buy sometime i guess. as far as quad core goes... idk what kind of support windows will offer for quad core. shoot... idk what i would do with quad core... continual defrag/antivirus/dvd encode while i play video games? lol quad core sounds kind of overkill to me. just MHO though. i know it's kind of rich but that's just a spec sheet basically. one other thing i'm not sure about is why sapphire doesn't list 2 distinctly different cards on new egg. these both say xfire on them but in the pics one has the dongle adapter and one has (2) dvi-d outputs. i was guessing that the one with the dongle was xfire and the one without it was not

    anyway thanks again for the advice :) i can use a lot of it
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