Motherbored probelm asus a8n sli deluxe motherboard

I have an asus a8n sli deluxe motherboard amd socket 939. now the problem is that my nubby motherfucking friend doug who is a copmuter master tired to put it togeter. SO i gave it to my computer guy to check and it was wired wrong an damaged my voltemeter on my motherboard. So he said that it doesn't look damaged bad. he said it could work from 2 days or to 10 years+ with no problems. It doesn't mess up my parts. The only problem is that i can't shut it off from the button on the case i would have to shutdown mode and then turn the switch off on the back of my power supply to shut off. What would you do if this was you. would you take the chances of it working or would you try to do an RMA on newegg and if the company finds out it was cause bad a bad wiring problem they would make you pay for it again 105.99? what would you do.
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  1. I imagine you mother was VERY bored with the ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe. :P
  2. Fill out an RMA request online, say it was defective, and get a refund. Buy another one. Don't let your friend wire it wrong. Done.
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