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I currently have 2 rigs set that share the internet (56k) through XP-ICS. No Broadband in my area :( I'll soon be adding 1-2 more machines to my lan and I have no idea what hardware I'll need. I have no really big demands of my lan-just be able to save and access files from the basement, garage, office, etc. Basically I just want all the machines to be linked, all share the internet (one IP address) and be safe against hackers and other unwanted stuff. Please fill me in. Is it even worth making all 4 machines use the internet, or should I just set up a LAN that is not hooked up and leave one machine that uses dial up? Looking forward to replies
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  1. You need a Router

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  2. OK. I need a router. Thanks!

    Next question, are all routers equal or are there some that are better? Cost is a primary concern. I see that the Gigafast brand can be had cheap on some auction website that you may have heard of. Do they suck or would it be worth the $25-30? It seems too good to be true. This forum rules for finding good advice fast!!
  3. linksys should do you fine. Thats what I use. No problems. they have them with a built in firewall also.
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question, vut can you get 56k routers?

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  5. Actually, that was a smart question tombance.
    I don't think you can get a 56K router.

    If I'm correct, one computer is going to have to be directly connected to the internet.
    Put a firewall on it.
    You can connect the others to it via router or switch and leave the ICS on.
    You'd hook it in the WAN port of a router or any port on a switch.

    However, you may want to consider that 4 machines using a 56K connection simultaneously would run at a max of 14K a peice. Many sites, for example Microsoft, will drop connections below 28K (give or take).
    Not to mention, you maximum "theoretical" download speed will be a mere 1.75 KBps.

    BTW, real rates are always less than theoretical rates.
    Linsys is a good brand to go to for either a router or a switch, but I'd go D'Link if you get a switch.

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  6. You might try this
    Netgear Model RM356 Remote Access 56K Modem Router

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    dont know much about it but it might work for what you want
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