need help psu problem ocz gamestream600w


I've just buyied a OCZ 600 watts game stream psu

I connected everything and it seems to be ok

but when I push power buton my psu fan and my gpu fan are turning a turn of two and after nothing.... the psu fan leds are only flashing fraction of a second My computer doesn't start

I think it is the psu... but it is new..
I also tryied to connect only the psu to board with no more devices connected ( cd soud c video )

Here's my rig

(asus m2n-2
athlon x2 4200
corsair 6400c4 2x 1gb 800mhz
ati radeon x1900xt
3x seagate 320 sata hd
OCZ game stream psu)

thank you
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  1. Have you tried the opposite, connecting all your hdd / dvd / cd drives / fans again and disconnect the mobo ATX 24-pin / CPU 4-pin connectors then "jump start" the unit by simulating the "power_on" motherboard signal by shunting the "PS_ON" green wire to ground via a paper clip or something - then plugging the unit in and powering the rear switch on... Here is an example of the atx jumper:

    You *have* to have at least one hdd or cd/dvd drive connected to act as a "pull-up" load to power the unit on. The drives should spin up and the cd tray should be ejectable and it should stay on. If you have a voltmeter you can test voltages.

    If it works the unit is probably ok and I would troubleshoot your board / cpu / gpu / memory at this point. Maybe try a cmos clear, and bare-bones config like cpu / mem / video / keyboard / power-on header only can help isolate the problem.
  2. Do you have a voltmeter? Start checking some of the molex connectors to see if there is any voltage flowing through... it might be a faulty PSU, happens at times. Even OCZ's product quality isin't 100%...

    But good choice on PSU nonetheless.
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