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Asus P5N32 - Computer Froze, won't Repost

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November 2, 2006 3:55:48 AM

I bought a bunch of new items for my computer a few weeks ago and installed them. I haven't had any problems since installation. I leave the computer on 24/7. Today I was attempting to link my phone with the computer using a USB cable and Bitpim. This was not problem before (old parts), but BitPim can't find the phone now that i have reinstalled XP. I decided to give it another shot, so i open bitpim, click "detect phone" and computer completly and utterly freezes. I think no big deal, turn the Computer off and reboot it. When i restart it, nothing happens on the screen. I have an LCD monitor and it sits in DVI power saving mode. Otherwise, the computer seems to start up as normal, no beeps. The cd's and Hard drives spin and all the lights come on (though the mouse does take a minute for its light to come on vs the keyboard instantly working).

It believe it is unable to POST, but i can't find the problem. I have tried reseating the CPU, Video card ect. i have tried with only one Ram chip, i have tried unplugging all the other items in the comp. except the MB and video card. I have reset the CMOS and checked for grounding issues.

I have checked on Asus's website and tried all their troubleshooting guidelines. The Bios should be acceptable for my cpu (worked for 2 weeks, i doubt problems would appear now),

It has been suggested that the power-supply was over-taxed by the large amount of devices. Could the power supply still "power" things, while having burned out, since it runs everything fine, just not passing post/showing video). Also the passage of time doesn't make it work (no thermal issues i guess)
Could any of these pieces of hardware appear to work (fans running, LED lights on, ect) while actually being defective/becoming defective?
I would assume if the power/lack of power burned out one of the devices, that device wouldn't show signs that it was operating at all.

Also, do you think its strange that the power supply automatically powers on the computer when its not "turned off" ? I don't even have to hit the power button to turn the computer on. I just turn the power supply on and the computer boots up. I find this pretty bizarre.

I called Asus and the technical support guy was no help at all. We went through what was going on and he just suggested replacing the motherboard. He really was clueless about computers and seemed to be reading off a script.

Alot of this would have made more sense if it had happened initially rather then waiting two weeks.

Pentium D 940 3.2GHZ (New)
Thermaltake CPU heatsink (new)
Thermaltake 500w PCI express Power Supply (new)
ATI Radeon 1900xt Video Card (new)
Asus p5n32-SLI premium Motherboard (new)
1gig of Corsair DDR2 Ram (new)
40gig WD hard drive
2x 120 gig WD hard drives
2x external drives
Raid card
Wireless card

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

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November 3, 2006 1:36:15 PM

nothing from anyone?
November 3, 2006 7:10:51 PM

Did you try clearing your CMOS.
Sorry I just notice that you have.
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November 3, 2006 7:18:51 PM

Either the PS or motherboard.
November 5, 2006 9:58:31 PM

Have you pluged in the 24 pin + 8 pin + molex into your MB? (This MB requires a lot of power) The MB manual says that you only need the molex if you run SLI but just plug it in anyway it does not hurt.

Do you have a more powerful PSU that you could use? (This solved the problem for me a little while back I run this on a 2.2kw)

Asus forums are quite helpful if you are willing to read...

Is your MB mounted into a Lian Li???

Heat pipes on the P5N32 SLI dont work upside down and as your SB and NB cook your PC will be unstable.

Do you have the latest bios that suports your conroe? (This was a massive problem for me, I had to get older single core CPU to update the bios so I could run a conroe!!)

Run your ram in single chanel mode ie just put one stick of ram in only. (could be a ram issue and try the second stick of ram in single as well)

I remember this MB was a massive pain to get goin but once you get it running SLI + a 33% OC is really worth the pain.
November 15, 2006 4:41:54 AM

What the heck is a "Lian Li"

"Batch, it's spelled batch"
November 16, 2006 2:48:18 AM

What the heck is a "Lian Li"

November 17, 2006 2:56:38 AM

You dont know what Lian Li is????


I dont supose you know what a U2 UFO is??
November 17, 2006 3:52:14 AM

You dont know what Lian Li is????

Its a computer case... go and google it.... then you will probably want to go and get one.

Have you done all that I have asked is your PC still freezing?