Computer slowdown, overheating maybe?

My computer's been running slower and slower. I just bought a new hard drive because the S.M.A.R.T. readings showed my old one was bad. That sped things up and I thought I had solved mjy problem, but there is still slowdown... my computer is 4 years old but the specs are still good enough to run most apps pretty fast. I have completely defragged hard drives, ton of free space, and I run a very clean computer (ad-aware, registry mechanic, etc.)

Could the speed possibly be an overheating problem? I just installed a new fan in the bottom front of my chassis cause the old one wasn't even running. I don't feel much air coming from the other 2 fans on the back and the processor fan. Maybe dust-off, or do I need new fans?

Here's my speed fan ratings. I can't tell what's good or not, because I don't know what each temperature means, and I don't know which fan is which, nor do I know what a good speed is. If anyone can help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Fan1: 2679 RPM
Fan2: 1110 RPM
Fan3: 3245 RPM
Temp1: 48C
Temp2: 70C
Temp3: -48C (???? can anyone explain this)
HD0: 42C
Temp1: 68C

Long post, I know, but thanks for reading!

2.2.GHz Pentium 4
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  1. Looks like its possibly overheating.

    I normally use MBM 5, but run speedfan every now an then. Might want to look at there FAQ there to help you figure out some common questions:

    Speedfan - FAQ

    Only reason why I say it could be overheating is that temp 2 is my cpu temp reading. Seeing that your reading for temp 2 is 70C, (assuming it is the CPU temp) your CPU usage must be high. Take a look at the task manager to determine if the usage is high, when it should be idle.

    When your system is actually idling in windows (usage 1-5 percent) it should drop in temp for that one reading.
  2. Oh thinking about it, try using this:

    Throttle Watch

    The system should slow down if it is getting over heated. So that program can help determine if any throttling is happening.
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